Flywheel with Brett Hoebel

Hey guys –

Did I have an awesome weekend or what?! I was invited to attend a Flywheel class with celebrity trainer Brett Hoebel on Saturday. My friend Candice loves Brett Hoebel, and I like Rev Abs (I did a bit of capoeira in law school) so off we went!

The Flywheel studio is in Larchmont Village. Let me tell you about this place – it is plush! The studio provides towels, cycle shoes, lockers, and there’s a cold-water dispenser. The powder rooms are well-stocked with soap, hand lotion, sanitary items, and aerosol deodorant. Plus, the staff is great! They were welcoming and happy to answer questions for a newbie like me.

Flywheel, Brett Hoebel, Vega, Kind Snacks, Quest Bar, #GetBreathless

We got to take a photo with Brett before class (The after-class photo would have been Not Cute)

Flywheel, Brett Hoebel, Vega, Kind Snacks, Quest Bar, #GetBreathless


Our bikes were in the front row, and on my right was Jen from Real Mom of the SFV! She’s on my left in the photo below.
I also met Jen from Finding My Inner Bombshell – here’s her blog post about the Flywheel class. I love that I get to meet other bloggers at these events!

The bikes are in a stadium seating configuration – this is so everyone can see the instructor who is on a platform.
Flywheel, Brett Hoebel, Vega, Kind Snacks, Quest Bar, #GetBreathless

Brett explained how Flywheel works. It’s a little bit different from a regular spin class because there’s an electronic device on the bikes that Flywheel calls a Tech Pack. The Tech Pack tells you your performance metrics with a digital display of your torq (that’s what Flywheel calls the weight of the wheels), RPMs, and your power output, a sort of score for the work you put in to the ride.
When Brett told us to where our torq and RPMs should be at different parts of the class , it was easy to know exactly how much effort to put in. I loved that! Don’t get me wrong, I love my gym’s cycle classes, but in comparison with Flywheel, it’s kind of guessing game – am I working hard enough? Too hard? But with Flywheel you can keep pace with the instructor.
Flywheel, Brett Hoebel, Vega, Kind Snacks, Quest Bar, #GetBreathless

At the top right of this photo is the torq board. The torq board shows the top 10 riders for the class, so it gives it a bit of a competitive edge. Candice was in position 2 or 3 all during class! That pushed me to work harder, and I ended up ranked 10th.

Flywheel, Brett Hoebel, Vega, Kind Snacks, Quest Bar, #GetBreathless
There are also a couple of weighted sticks in the bike that are used for arm work during the ride -thankfully that was only for one song! And because I’ve been doing Body Beast these last three months, I haven’t been to a cycle class in ages. My tushie is still sore!

Thanks to Vega, Quest, and Kind Snacks for the awesome goodie bags we received after class:

Flywheel, Brett Hoebel, Vega, Kind Snacks, Quest Bar, #GetBreathless

Mmmmm, snacks! And some sports nutrition items, but snacks! These were ALL tasty tasty tasty.
Flywheel, Brett Hoebel, Vega, Kind Snacks, Quest Bar, #GetBreathlessFlywheel, Brett Hoebel, Vega, Kind Snacks, Quest Bar, #GetBreathless

I have to thank Flywheel, Brett Hoebel, Vega, Quest, and Kind Snacks for a wonderful afternoon. I had a blast, and I’m glad I got to invite my friend to attend too! If you’re in the LA area and want to try Flywheel, DO! The first class is free and it’s ridiculous amounts of fun. If you want to see more photos of this event, you can check #GetBreathless on Instagram or Twitter.

Also – Brett Hoebel has two upcoming promotional events. The first is an e-mail entry contest being held from May 23-21, and the second is a 20 day challenge starting on June 2 through Challenge Loop that will be an interactive platform between Brett and his audience, where Brett will post nutrition and fitness tips, free workouts, and motivational guidance. Both of these events lead up to the release of his long-awaited 20 Minute Body DVD Program on June 20! You can find more information at his website,

Have you ever been to a spin or cycle class?


Weekend Workouts

Saturday I went for a hike in the Angeles National Forest. It was about 9 miles round-trip. The trail wasn’t particularly steep (although it did wind up around a canyon) but it was narrow and pretty rugged.

It was the perfect fall day for a hike – cool, misty, and we even saw the hint of autumn colors.

misty mountains

A couple of websites I like for local hikes are Modern Hiker and Everytrail.

After the hike, I headed to REI for gear. I definitely needed better hiking shoes (my sneakers just weren’t cutting it) and quick-drying shirts.

Today, I met my sister at the gym for spin class. I’ll be busy with some work for the rest of the day.


Today’s workout – Spin

Today was spin with Charletha. I love me some Charletha. Unlike Angie’s, her classes do not depend on on the music; rather it’s just background. Charletha’s spin class is a lot of 8-counts up hills or sprinting or both, then some recovery.  It’s an equally good (but very different), spin class. I’m always drenched with sweat , panting for breath, and wobbling around on my jello legs afterward.


Monday’s workouts – TRX and spin

Same as Friday – TRX and then spin later in the afternoon. I also walked 4 miles today.

TRX was a bit more challenging today. I love that TRX can change every workout and never get old or un-challenging.

Later in the afternoon I went to Angie’s spin class – she’s just the best instructor. Since I’ve been going to spin for a few years and have had different instructors, I think timing the music to the moves is really crucial! Angie definitely does just that.

But I know from past experience that I cannot out-exercise a bad diet! Here’s today’s report.

Today’s nutrition


Friday’s Workouts – TRX and spin

Yesterday I went to TRX. There was another woman in the class so the instructor gave us a full-body workout. My core is particularly sore today! I sat in a cafe for a while to do some work, then I headed over to my usual gym for spin class. Angie is a fantastic spin instructor. She times all movements to the music, so you know when the tempo changes or the song hits a bridge or the chorus that you sprint or stand up or sit back down. Awesome. Yesterday was a lot hills and my quads are feeling rough!