Manicure Monday – Chip-Free at Last

I don’t often wear nail polish – even though I have tons of it – because it chips so quickly. And I feel self-conscious and slovenly with chipped nails, as if I don’t know how to groom myself. I usually can’t go 24 hours without a chip that makes me run for the nail polish remover, especially if it’s a dark or bold color.

But this manicure is 3 days old! Sure, I’ve got some tip wear, but nothing embarrassing that makes me shove my hands in my pocket. I think I found the secret combination!

death grip on the dumbbell

dumbbell death grip

Here’s what I used – Orly Bonder, coat of polish (Zoya Mimi), Orly Bonder, coat of polish, Orly Bonder, coat of polish, Orly Won’t Chip top coat, Silk Naturals All Set Drying Drops.  Sounds like a hassle but it didn’t actually take too long to apply, and I could not be happier with the results!

I am really excited about this – was it a fluke? Or did I finally achieve a chip-free mani?

I might just go crazy with the polish now. Crackle top coats, accent nails, water marbling…I’m all over it.

Have you found a chip-free solution?


Mascara Monday – Magic Lash Eyelash Enhancer

It’s Monday again! The weekend really was shorter; I just can’t get behind that whole spring-forward thing.

Today I’m reviewing Overall Beauty’s Magic Lash Eyelash Enhancer that’s used between coats of mascara. From the website:

Take a magic wand to your eyelashes with Magic Lash!  This revolutionary fiber-based product works on any length or condition eyelashes to instantly lengthen and thicken for a stunning look in minutes. The secret is in Magic Lash’s safe, natural individual fibers. These bond with your mascara to “grow like” your lashes before your eyes and wash off in the shower, making the product safe for everyday use.

I bought this ages ago, but never really felt the need to use it. But since I’m not terribly impressed with Definicils, I thought now was the time to try it out.

I was surprised to see what was in the tube. I guess I expected a white liquidy primer, but Magic Lash looks kind of like cotton. The fibers are dry and fluffy.

magic lash
You can see the tiny white fibers on the wand.

Let me tell you, this stuff WORKS. My lashes looked amazing – long, thick, just fantastic. I really wish I knew how to take better photos because you’d all be terribly impressed!

The Overall Beauty website warns to be careful using these with contacts, but it was fine for me. At $17.95, this product was worth every penny. I can’t wait to try it with a volumizing mascara!

Have you tried Magic Lash? If not, DO!!


Facial Friday – Vanilyx Eye Cream

I have serious panda circles under my eyes. I’ve had them my entire life; I remember as a child a classmate asked me why I had black eyes!

As an adult, I’ve learned how to conceal them a bit. I know they’re impossible to eliminate completely, but Vanilyx has definitely helped. VanilyxFrom the Rozge Cosmeceutical website:

Eye cream for Serious Dark Circles & Puffiness
Not just an ordinary eye cream…
What is Vanilyx™?
Vanilyx is a topical cream that is specifically formulated to lessen the appearance of Serious Dark Circles & Puffiness. Vanilyx is not a cover up or make up. It is made for those individuals with chronic dark circles.

I found Vanilyx in a TJ Maxx in NYC and thought for $12 it was worth a try. This eye cream lives up to its claims. After a couple of months, my circles ceased to be the first thing I saw in the mirror. Now, I know they’ll never go away entirely, but with Vanilyx I don’t feel the need to cake on concealer anymore. I bought a second tube at a TJ Maxx here at home, and I keep popping in to see if it’s there again…but I’ll just have to order it online.
Lots of products promise to lighten dark circles, but this is the first that has actually improved my circles.

Have you found any amazing beauty bargains at discount stores? Do you have any other eye cream recommendations?


Mascara Monday – Addiction NV Super-size Volumizing Mascara

This week’s mascara review is Addiction NV Big ‘n Black Super-size Volumizing Mascara. Phew, long name, but this mascara delivers long lashes!
From the Addiction NV website –

Addiction NV’s BIG ‘n BLACK is the new BLACK! BIG ‘n BLACK Super-size Volumizing Mascara creates BIGGER, better lashes that drive the men batty! Our drama-inducing formula features a super-sized, full-bristle brush and special polymers for blacker-than-black color with a laquer-like, ultra-glossy finish. Once you try BIG ‘n BLACK, you’ll never go back!

I bought this mascara from HauteLook and I think it was a good purchase! I’ve never seen a brush like this – dense on one side to give my lashes a lush thickness; with a thin end so I can get to the lashes in the inner and outer corners without making a mess. Addiction NV is a cruelty-free company that tests on beauty addicts and that’s a big plus for me. Plus it’s local(ish), and I like the idea of supporting local beauty businesses.

My only complaint (and this will be a recurring theme) is that it does not come in brown!


Mascara Monday – Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Mascara

The first installment in a series of mascara reviews; today I have a review of Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Mascara.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips for Blue Eyes

I used Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips for Blue Eyes. I really like this mascara! The brush is very dense, so it gave my lashes tons of volume. Even though my lashes were full and thick from this mascara, I did not have a problem with flaking, smudging, or clumping (sometimes a problem with volumizing mascaras).
Obviously I used the black side more frequently, but the blue mascara did get a lot of use. It dried down to a more subtle blue than it shows in the picture, where the mascara is wet. I am always leery of using any blue eye products for fear that it would enhance the circles under my eyes, but that was not a problem. When I used the blue side, I skipped any liner or shadow and just rocked my blue lashes. I did not, however, feel that it made my eye color seem any bluer.
I would definitely buy this again, but…I felt like I used the colored mascara side more when I tried the mascara for brown eyes. The purple mascara was just divine and I wore it quite often.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes a lot of volume on her lashes. This is also a great choice for a colored mascara that’s not too crazy (I wore the blue side at my very professional job)
Physicians Formula is available at drugstores for ~$10, but there are some wild sales for these, and even rebates that make it free!

Best of all, Physicians Formula is a cruelty-free company. This formula does contain beeswax so it’s not vegan.
My only complaint with this mascara is that there is not a brown version. I think black on one side, brown on the other would be ideal!

Have you tried Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips mascara, or any colored mascaras?