Tasty Tuesday – What I Ate Yesterday

Good morning!
My Beachbody coach challenged our accountability group to take pictures of everything we ate on Monday (let me know if you’d like to join our accountability group). I thought this would be a smashing idea for a blog post (my poor neglected blog). So here goes!

For breakfast, I whipped up some black coffee (pumpkin spice!) with some non-fat milk.

black pumpkin spice coffee with non-fat milk
I made an omelet with a cup of liquid egg whites, mushrooms and salsa verde (my omelet-flipping skills need work). I also ate half a cup of plain oatmeal. Sometimes I add frozen berries or pumpkin pie spice to my oatmeal, but I like it just fine plain, too.

Kirkland Egg Whites, mushrooms, quaker oats

For lunch I had vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology. My glass doesn’t look like the one on the package because I added a cup of spinach and two giant frozen strawberries.

Shakeology Vegan Tropical Strawberry

This was my afternoon snack: a very sad banana and a piece of Babybel cheese.

afternoon snack, sad banana, babybel cheese

When I got home from the gym, I had a protein shake. I added spinach and frozen strawberries to this, too.

CytoSport 100% Whey Vanilla

For dinner, I had veggies, hummus, and cottage cheese. I love me some Trader Joe’s cottage cheese.

red peppers, cherry tomatoes, hummus, Trader Joe's cottage cheese

Before bed, I had a casein shake. You guessed it – I added frozen strawberries to this, too. Of all the protein shakes I drink, casein is definitely the one that needs stuff to be added to it.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein

Here are my totals for the day:

fitbit, food tracking

Four months of hotel buffets and I need to start counting calories again, so I logged into my Fitbit account. I like the Fitbit food tracker because it works backwards – you determine how much of a deficit you want, and then you eat according to that. This works great for me since I do a lot of exercise – I can add in more food for days when I’m famished. Today I came in way under budget (I’m trying for a deficit of 750 calories each day), but I felt pretty satisfied.

What’s for breakfast?




  1. interesting-where did all of that sodium come from?

  2. Good job! I need to get back to this type of plan. I’ve been dabbling in vegetarian/vegan and so unsatisfied 😛

    Monica, http://www.pear-shaped-gal.com

    • blushandbarbells@gmail.com says:

      I am semi-veg – I’ll eat fish now and again but no meat. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had any meat!

  3. Ok that coffee looks BEYOND good!! What is your favorite protein powder to use, I can never seem to find the ‘perfect’ one!

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