Why Is HIIT Such A Hit?


Trying to find the best routine for your lifestyle is something that can take a while. From the perspective of someone that is looking at the Hollywood stars and their workout routines, it can be a difficult task to get to their level of fitness. And for the vast majority of us, we have families, jobs, lives to lead, so trying to fit in around 40 hours of fitness training is impossible. This is why HIIT has become a popular method to get fit.

High-Intensity Interval Training has had much more press over the last 5 to 6 years with workout programs designed for those busy people who have a short space of time to get fit, but is it really all that? While HIIT is something that sounds great on paper, working out less for better results, you need to remember that the intensity will be much greater than the person next to you on the treadmill. If you’re able to hold a conversation, you’re not doing it enough. And for most people who want to get into HIIT properly, motivation is the key factor. If you really want to start on a routine that gets rid of the stubborn layer of fat around the abdomen, then you’ll need to check into a personal fitness training center to achieve the best results. And while there’s the cardio aspect of HIIT, which most people will know of as Tabata Sprints, there is also a weight-training version.

The weight-training version is based on an exercise routine pioneered by an ER doctor. It’s called Body By Science, and it’s purely based on the principle of lifting a weight that’s approximately 70% of your body weight, but you lift it very slowly! For safety reasons, you used a nautilus machine, but the whole workout is over in about 20 minutes. It’s the equivalent of the last reps where you really go for it and feel the burn. And they say this is where the real workout begins and ends. For so many of us who go to the gym, we’re not really pushing it until we know it’s going to be over. With Body By Science, the process of lifting a weight slowly for about 30 to 40 seconds, holding it at the point your arms or legs rest on the “bone-on-bone” part, and then lowering it for another 30 to 40 seconds is incredibly difficult. They say that you will feel like you have been fighting with a bear because panic will set in. And with these workouts, you do 5 core moves to work every part of your body, and you won’t actually do the workout for at least 7 to 10 days, depending on your fitness. For the incredibly fit among you, combining this workout with a Tabata sprint will leave you on the floor! There have been many cynics on this, but based on personal experience, it leaves you feeling that you’ve done a mega workout.

HIIT works for people who don’t have the time to focus on each muscle. And it definitely works as a way to lose weight, but if you want to really take the time on each muscle group, you will have to put in the hours.



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