Women’s Weightlifting Myths Debunked

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No matter what part of the media you read, there are always so many different myths surrounding women. Most of these are all about how a woman should look and behave. So there is no wonder that there are a whole load of myths relating to women’s weightlifting. After all, it’s not the most feminine of sports! But there is no reason why all of these should put you off this very rewarding sport. To help you find out the truth about women’s weightlifting, here are some very common myths. Don’t worry; we’ve debunked them for you!

You Shouldn’t Lift With Weights Straight Away

If you are a newbie to weightlifting, you will probably hear some people say that women shouldn’t start lifting with weights straight away. They believe this because they think that using heavy weights will only turn a woman’s feminine body into something very big and bulky! However, this just isn’t true. No matter how heavy the weights are that you start with, there is no way you will bulk up in the same way that men do. That’s because the female body can only put on so much muscle mass as their hormonal makeup limits this.

Supplements Will Bulk You Up Too Much

There is another very popular myth that taking supplements, such as protein power, can also excessively bulk up a woman’s body. This is, thankfully, another myth that you shouldn’t pay any attention to. In fact, some supplements like creatine can really enhance your whole weightlifting experience. For instance, creatine improves the body’s ability to take on muscle mass. At the end of the day, the supplements help you work harder during your workout. But they won’t have a huge effect on the results at the end of it.

You Can’t Lose Weight Without Cardio

This is a myth that has been going around for years. Next time someone says to you that you won’t be able to lose weight just by lifting weights, tell them that that’s just a load of baloney! Weight training and strength training are just as good for burning calories and shifting excess weight from the body. That’s because the muscles break down and then rebuild right after you do some weightlifting. As they breakdown and rebuild, the body is burning a lot of calories. So many, in fact that you will find you start to lose weight without even doing any cardio!

Women Need To Train Differently To Men

Nope, not true at all! As a matter of fact, there is no reason why men and women need to train any differently from one another in any sport. It’s true that a guy can get bigger by lifting in a way that women can’t, but that’s no reason for the woman not to lift. After all, she will still be getting stronger, it just won’t be as visible.

There are lots of myths out there; make sure none of them put you off weightlifting! It’s too good a workout to give up!


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