WTH is a frozen shoulder and why do I have it?

Peeps, I have a frozen shoulder. I had a stiff shoulder for a while, so I stopped with my Body Beast program (but didn’t stop eating the same quantities of foods, hence the weight gain).

I saw a physical therapist for the stiff shoulder, but when I returned for a follow-up visit, my right shoulder was completely frozen.

This means, I can’t move it. It’s frozen. I cannot lift my arm higher than 90 degrees. And, it’s painful. I’ve never heard of this condition, but it’s not too terribly uncommon. A few ladies in my super-secret Body Beast for Women Facebook group have had it, too. Apparently being a woman over 40 is the biggest risk factor (although a male coworker in his 60s tells me he just got over a frozen shoulder).

Treatment options are limited. I’ve had physical therapy, but that’s only to teach me how to stretch it so it doesn’t fuse. I’ve had a few acupuncture treatments, but that was for pain, and relief only lasted a day or two. I finally saw a sports doctor who gave me a cortisone injection.

Have you ever had a cortisone injection? I was expecting it to be like a flu jab, but when that medicine hit my system, I blacked out! (Apparently it’s a good idea to have food in your stomach before you get a cortisone shot. Just an FYI)

The cortisone shot has helped a little bit with the pain; I can at least sleep through the night, as long as I’m careful to sleep on the left side.

This frozen shoulder nonsense eventually resolves itself; fully recover is expected within three years. That means…THREE YEARS of no weight lifting. No Body Beast. No Insanity. No P90X.

Between the pain and the inability to exercise, I’ve been really bummed out. And I’ve been overeating, sleeping too much, and generally feeling sorry for myself.

But that stops now! I’ve decided that I’m going to train for a half marathon again. And I’m really going to try to speed up this time. Here’s my Couch to Half program for Week One:

PicMonkey Collage

Just a tiny bit faster every day. I want to get to a regular~10 min/mile pace. I’ll work my hardest for it! I think I’m off to a great start; I just need to keep the momentum going. I don’t have a half marathon scheduled…but that doesn’t matter. I have to do something and I need a goal!

Wish me luck!


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