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My Current Skincare Routine

I have a lifetime of experience with difficult skin. I had cystic acne from the age of 8 until I was 24, and now in my 40s I have melasma and occasional breakouts. But in the last couple of months, my skin has never looked better! People actually tell me that I have a nice complexion and are surprised to hear my age. I don’t think they’re blowing smoke up my you-know-what, so my current skincare routine is working a treat. Here’s what I’m using:

1. An old-fashioned Dove Beauty Cream Bar. I use this in the morning to wash my face and at night to wash off my makeup. Dove Beauty Cream Bar

2. Giovanni D:Tox Purifying Facial Cleanser – I use this at night after I’ve washed my makeup off. I reviewed it here.
Giovanni D:Tox Purifying Facial Cleanser

3. Giovanni D:Tox Purifying Facial Scrub – I use this every morning in the shower. It’s not so abrasive that I can’t use it everyday, yet grainy enough to be effective.

Giovanni D:Tox Purifying Facial Scrub

4. Makeup Artist’s Choice Mandelic Acid Toner – This has made a huge difference with my skin tone. The melasma on my cheeks has faded quite a bit. I reviewed it here.
Makeup Artist's Choice Mandelic Acid Toner

5. Lucy Minerals Ambrosia Serum – I still think it’s strange that I put oil on my face when I’m already oily, but heck, it works at keeping the wrinkles at bay.
Lucy Minerals Ambrosia Serum
6. Avon Ideal Flawless CC Color Corrector Cream – I didn’t love it when I first got it, but then I started using it daily. I put this on my face right out of the shower, no moisturizer, no primer, just this. It’s not enough coverage for me on its own, but it’s fantastic as a base for my mineral makeup.
Avon Ideal Flawless CC Color Corrector Cream

7. Shakeology – I have always resisted the idea that what you eat has an effect on your skin (because nothing I ate or didn’t eat made a difference with my cystic acne), but a daily dose of superfoods sure does make my skin look nice. The vegan Tropical Strawberry is my favorite flavor. Shakeology Vegan Tropical Strawberry

What’s your current skincare routine?


Facial Fridays – Avon Foundations

Happy Friday! Today’s post is another entry in my Facial Fridays series. This category has been woefully neglected these last few months, but what can you do.

Here are some Avon foundations that I’ve been using lately:

Avon Ideal Flawless BB Cream, Avon Ideal Flawless CC Cream, Avon Ideal Flawless Pressed Powder, Smooth Minerals Pressed Foundation

Ideal Flawless BB Cream in Light – Now, I know BB Cream purists are going to say that this is really just a tinted moisturizer. But, I’m okay with that because this is the only BB Cream I’ve tried that isn’t greasy or grey. This has SPF 15 and I usually wear this for races. Yes, I wear foundation for races, don’t judge. I set it with Lucy Minerals finishing powder and it seems to stay put until I sweat it all off. It’s kind of shiny dewy without the finishing powder. Coverage is just okay, but it’s not really supposed to be a high-coverage foundation. It’s got a smooth and thin-ish consistency so it’s easy to slap on and spread.
I don’t use moisturizer or primer when I wear this. I tried putting it over my moisturizer and it slid right off so now it goes on bare skin.
Avon claims that this will leave your skin looking better even after washing off, but I can’t say that’s the case for me. I would probably buy this again.

Ideal Flawless CC Cream in Light Medium– Yes, just another fancy tinted moisturizer. But it’s SPF 50 and the sun is blazing here in Los Angeles. I love that there’s an expiration date on this tube – I once had a Bad Experience with expired sunscreen so having this warning is fantastic.
The CC Cream is a little bit thicker than the BB Cream making it more foundation-y and I have to be a bit more careful blending it in. Coverage isn’t fantastic, but that’s not the point. Like with the BB Cream, I put it on bare skin.
Light Medium is the perfect match shade for me, which means it’s too dark. I like the floating head look, don’t judge. I would probably buy this again, although I do have a slight preference for the BB Cream (probably because of the shade).

Ideal Flawless Pressed Powder in Light Medium – It’s a standard pressed powder. I bought this because Avon was having one of those buy-one-get-one-half-off sales when I bought the CC Cream. It adds a bit more coverage to the CC Cream, but I don’t know if I would buy it again. Lucy Minerals is really my HG finishing powder so I don’t need anything else.

Smooth Minerals Pressed Foundation in Light Beige –  I wasn’t really too impressed with this, but I bought two because of one of Avon’s buy-one-get-one sales (see above). But! I recently went to the doctor for an annual physical, and the nurse taking my information noticed I hadn’t filled my Retin-A prescription in a couple  of years. “You don’t need it anymore,” she said. “Your skin is flawless,” she said. “Flawless” is not a word normally used to describe my skin. I don’t know why it looks so average in the mirror? I saw some photos of myself on Facebook when I was wearing this foundation and I did look smooth and even. I will definitely repurchase this.
The shade is a great match. I wear this over moisturizer and primer and apply with a flocked sponge. I don’t need a finishing powder for it and I can layer it nicely over my brown spots.

I don’t even go to the mailbox without at least a dusting of mineral foundation, so I almost went into panic mode when I realized that Lumiere Cosmetics disappeared. The Cashmere foundation was my HG! But I’m glad I have some other options now.

What’s your favorite foundation? Or are you one of those lucky people that doesn’t need it?


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Quick and Easy Makeup Tips for Busy Women

Good morning, peeps! As you can tell by the dearth of recent posts, I’ve been go, go go! lately. How does a girl keep herself looking good with little spare time? Finding time to glam yourself up can be an uphill struggle for busy women. Here are some handy tips that will help you incorporate your beauty routine into your busy schedule.


Fall Trend 2010 Grunge Smokey Brown MAC Eyeshadow

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Get organized

You can achieve a fast, flawless look if you establish a little bit of order to your makeup regime. Dedicate a station in your bathroom, bedroom, or wherever is most convenient to do your makeup. Ideally the station will include your makeup kit, a mirror, a seat, and a clock. Your station should be neat and tidy so that you can find everything quickly and easily. The night before, make sure that you have everything you need at your station to avoid wasting precious time searching for missing items. I like to put out my makeup the night before, just like I do with my clothes.

Makeup on the move

It is a good idea to have two makeup kits; one that stays at home and a portable one. This means that if you don’t have time in the morning to apply your makeup, you can do it during your commute (assuming you’re not driving!) or when you get to work. This does not have to mean spending lots buying two of everything. Think about what you will need in your portable kit. You may need to apply moisturizer and mascara after being at the gym, but you will not need to bring your entire post-workout skin care kit. You will save money if you purchase a selection of miniatures, like a miniature comb, for your portable kit. Personally, I buy minis for the cute factor, but they really are handy, too!



Pare down your makeup kit

Most women will have hundreds of unused eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polishes in various locations around the house. It is a better idea to have a small number of good quality essentials rather than a large number of cheap and nasty products. You can purchase good quality makeup here or ask friends for recommendations. Dedicate some time to sorting through your makeup and get rid off all the items that are old or that you do not plan to use.  I just did that this week and I’ve way pared down my stash. Once you have done this, think about your makeup routine and whether there is anything you can comfortably omit. You may be stuck in a makeup rut, having done the same routine for years. Why not try doing things a little different – it might just save you time and money. Makeup shops and department stores often offer free makeovers. At the very least, the makeup assistants may be able to offer you advice on how you can streamline your makeup routine.

Makeup Brush on White Background

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Long-term makeup

You could cut out (most of) your makeup routine altogether if you invest in long-term makeup. To do this, you should book an appointment with a professional beautician who can tint your eyelashes and eyebrows. The tinting will last for over a month. I’ve had my lashes professionally tinted, and I do my brows at home. There are now nail polish products available that last for two weeks or more without chipping. Again, you should visit a beauty salon to get this done. Although this might be expensive in the short-term, in the long-term this could save you money and, of course, time. And time = money!

What do you do to streamline your morning routine? Any more tips for us?