Race Recap – Telcel Red 10K in Puebla

Last weekend, I boarded a bus for Puebla to run a 10K. Puebla is about two hours from Mexico City. I went on a day tour there the first month I was in Mexico and really loved it, so I was excited to run a race there. Two of my favorite things – travel and fitness!

Taking long-distance buses in Mexico is really easy. You get to the station, buy a ticket, and board a very well-appointed bus. You get a drink, a snack, wifi, headphones for the onboard movie, and a newspaper. The buses have electric outlets, too, so no danger of a dead iPhone.
The seats are comfortable and spacious. There is a little bit of a security rigamarole (bags have to be scanned and passengers are patted down before boarding), but it’s pretty quick.

Once I arrived at the bus station, I bought a taxi ticket. These tickets are priced by zone, and my hotel was some distance from the station, but my ticket was a very reasonable $6. I waited in line, turned in my ticket for a card, and gave the card to the taxi diver. Every thing had UPC codes and was scanned – this is Japanese-style efficiency and I half-expected the taxi driver to be wearing white gloves.

After I checked into my hotel, I walked over to the race expo for my bib.

The expo and race start/finish were in the Parque de Arte. Walking there from my hotel was very interesting-I crossed three pedestrian bridges to get there, avoiding traffic on the streets. The bridge leading to the park is quite long, with benches, runners, and cyclists.
Parque de Arte, Puebla, Mexico
You can really get a nice view of the city from the bridges.

The park was pretty awesome, too. Ponds, ducks, exercise equipment, a running track, miniature golf, and restaurants.

Parque de Arte, Puebla, Mexico

Parque de Arte, Puebla, Mexico

Parque de Arte, Puebla, Mexico

Parque de Arte, Puebla, Mexico
I really liked this part of Puebla. It wasn’t at all touristy; I spent most of Saturday afternoon in the park, shopping, and walking on the pedestrian bridges. Pretty much what I would have been doing if I was at home. I hear about Mexico’s growing middle class frequently and Puebla is a shining example.


Sunday was race day!
Telcel Red 10K in Puebla

This was not my best race.
Telcel Red 10K in Puebla

In fact, I was one of the last 4 or 5 people to finish. They were out of 10K medals when I put an end to my misery crossed the finish line, so I got two 5K medals instead.
Telcel Red 10K in Puebla
I’d like to blame the altitude (Puebla is at ~7200 feet), the heat, the travel, the drunks who returned to their hotel room next to mine at 4am…but really, I just didn’t train enough.

But then again, I’m not trying to win any prizes; I’m just trying to stay in shape, have fun, and see new places while I’m in Mexico. And running along with views of  Popocatépetl Volcano really cannot be beat.

Popocatépetl Volcano
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Literary Junkies Link-Up for August

Yes, it’s a week late, but what can you do?
Pink Heels Pink Truck
Here are this month’s questions:

1. What are you reading? Tell us about it!
I’m currently reading Go Pro by Eric Worre. This book gives step-by-step instructions on building a network marketing business. I make a little bit of money as a Beachbody coach, but I’m really inspired by people who’ve made this their full time job.

2. Do you read one book at a time, or read multiple books at once?
I might have two books on the go if one of them is personal development or a business-building book. I stick to one novel at a time.

3. What is the first book that made you fall in love with reading?
Charlotte’s Web – I remember being so excited to start the 3rd grade because it was required reading.

4. Do you prefer a physical copy of the book or an electronic version?
E-books have completely changed my reading habits. I read so much more now. I have an e-reader app on my phone and tablet so I always have a book available. I love using my local library even when I’m in a different country! I’m very excited about the new Kindle Unlimited service, too. All I need is wifi and I’ve got a ton of reading options.

5. What are three books currently on your To Be Read list?
*Out of Africa (inspired by Independent Travel Cats’ Instagram photos)
*The Compound Effect by Darrin Hardy (another business-building book)
*Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

What are you reading?


Sunday Social – the Back to School Edition

Good morning peeps! I had a killer workweek so just now catching up on posts, so let’s get right to it.

Sunday Social with A Complete Waste of Makeup Blog

1. What are you most looking forward to about Fall?
Pumpkin pie, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin protein shakes, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin.
hello kitty pumpkin

2. What is your favorite sports team?
USC Trojans – football, basketball, baseball, everything. And I don’t want to hear from the haters. (You know who you are).
usc trojans

3. If you could go back to college is there one thing you would change?
Despite my answer for #2, I think I should have gone to a school that offered me more financial aid, even if it wasn’t as prestigious.

4. What was your favorite class you ever took?
I loved Medieval Architecture, Spanish Linguistics, and Cuban History.

5. Reach into your purse what is the first thing you grab?
My Shakeology shaker cup. It needs a thorough wash!
shakeology shaker

Are you doing any back-to-school shopping?


Sunday Social

Social Sunday, A Complete Waste of Makeup

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re all having a great weekend.

1. One item you wish you could splurge on right now:
All the stuff in the Fonart store across the street – the furniture in particular is so beautiful! But how would I ship it home? It will have to wait until I retire here to Mexico.

2. If you had an entire weekend of no plans what would you do?
Since I’m still in Mexico, maybe a weekend trip to Taxco? I would love to do that before I go home.

3. Next place you are visiting outside of your current city?

Volcán Popocatépetl, Puebla

Volcán Popocatépetl, Puebla

I’m in Puebla today! I visited before and I really loved it, so of course I had to register for a 10K in Puebla when I saw it on the schedule.

4. Are you a neat freak or a clutterbug?
Both? I just like to keep my clutter hidden in cupboards and closets.

5. Favorite Summer purchase?
All these piggy banks I’ve bought from street vendors in Mexico City. So cute! And who doesn’t need a piggy bank?

Do you have a piggy bank? If not, where do you put your loose change?


Hilton Mexico City Reforma 5KM Run for Education

On Saturday, the hotel where I’m staying organized this 5k fun run.
Hilton Mexico City Reforma 5KM Run for Education, Parque Alameda

We ran around the Parque Alameda four times to hit three miles. This is the oldest public park in Mexico City.
Hilton Mexico City Reforma 5KM Run for Education, Parque Alameda
The pavement around the park is really nice – it’s smooth and not as hard as a regular sidewalk. Plus, there are markers for every few meters for sprinting.

The race was pretty small, maybe 40 people, most of whom were hotel staff. There wasn’t any chip timing, so each time we ran around once, we got slapped with a color-coded post-it flag.
Hilton Mexico City Reforma 5KM Run for Education, Parque Alameda

I’ve only done two 5ks since I started racing last year, and my time was better for both of those (Turkey Trot and Ugly Sweater), but! Both of those were in LA, at sea level. Mexico is at 7200 feet, so I’m really happy with this time. It probably didn’t hurt that I had people, um, urging me on. I heard several times during the race – ¡Correle, guerita, correle!
Hilton Mexico City Reforma 5KM Run for Education, Parque Alameda

My work buddy Russ had the best overall time – he finished in ~16 minutes.
Hilton Mexico City Reforma 5KM Run for Education, Parque Alameda

This was a really fun event thanks to the staff at the Mexico City Hilton. And, it was a great start to the day!

How was your weekend?