Monday Manicure – Chrome nails

Good morning!
Have you heard of chrome nails? I had not, but I won a chrome manicure from a local nail salon on Instagram!
So off I went and there were the results:

rose gold chrome nails

Chrome nails are CRAZY shiny – metallic, sparkly, whatever you fancy. There’s so much variation available because of the process.  And this was an elaborate manicure, even by gel standards. There was a base coat, the cured (put under the UV lamp).

Next, there is a base color. Knowing nothing about chrome nails, I was surprised that base colors were orange and brown. There was a layer of base coat, then cured, then repeated. Then a gel top coat was applied and cured. That’s six layers!

One the nail technician wiped my nail clean, she pulled out a tiny jar of sparkles. It was about the same size as a jar of loose mineral eye shadow. And she had a sponge-tip eyeshadow applicator, too! At this point I got confused, because I had orange and brown nails and now the manicurist has glitter? But this was the chrome part! She dipped the eyeshadow applicator in the sparkly powder, and rubbed it into my nails. And like magic, they suddenly looked like this:

rose gold chrome nails indoors

The powder somehow blended into the polish (which was bone dry) and changed the color. It was amazing to watch. Science at the salon!

I’ve since watched the chrome nail technique on YouTube maybe 983,561 times, and I wonder if I can duplicate it at home…

Have you tried a Chrome manicure yet?


Today’s the day! Whole Foods beauty bag

Good morning!
If you’re in the US, run, don’t walk, to your local Whole Foods to pick up the annual beauty bag.


Click on this link for details about the contents. Last year’s bag created quite the stir in the blogging world, so I’m excited to go get one.

So let me follow my own advice and head over to Whole Foods to snag mine!



Manicure Monday – Wet n Wild WildShine in Sparked

Hello strangers! I’m back with a Manicure Monday!
This is Wet n Wild Wild Shine nail polish in Sparked. I received it in a goody bag from that awesome Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus launch event I attended last year.

Wet n Wild Wild Shine nail color
Sparked is is a fuchsia pink polish base with chunky silver glitter. The silver flashes to make the color seem lighter at some angles.

Wet n Wild WildShine in Sparked

What I really like about this glittery polish is that I don’t have to be super precise when applying it. I was in a hurry this morning, and slapped on three coats. I dare say it looks pretty good for a rush job.

Wet n Wild WildShine in Sparked

I haven’t worn polish in a while and my cuticles are in rough shape…but a few coats of Wet n Wild WildShine in Sparked and I felt like a lady again. When I get tip wear, I think I’ll just dab more polish on to make the color last a few more days. Since the polish is so chunky with glitter, there’s no worry about blending anything in. Perfect for gals in a rush! I like the slimline bottle, too.

What’s on your nails today? Do you like glitter polishes?



How Do You Choose The Best Adult Braces?

Dental braces are common now, and popular with both adults and children. But, as the rest of the world has been developing technology, so have orthodontics! There are now different types of braces, depending on what goal you want to achieve, the level of work that is needed, and the look of the braces themselves. Here are the different types, with their pros and cons.


Image Source


Metal Fitted

The traditional braces are made of stainless steels brackets, with matching metal wires. While these could be quite large and unattractive in the past, nowadays they are much smaller and less noticeable. Archwires are heat activated now as well, so respond to your body heat. This makes them move much more quickly. While they are still the most visually obvious type of brace, they are the most effective and often used when more movement is needed. They are strong and resilient, with regular check-ups and adjustments needed from your orthodontist.



Ceramic braces are very similar to the metal ones in their technique and style. However, they are made of a tooth coloured, white, or clear bracket, with a white wire. This makes them far less noticeable than the stainless steel ones as they blend into the teeth a lot more. They are just as efficient as metal, but proving more popular as they are more conspicuous. The only problem with ceramic braces is their susceptibility to staining easily. While the brackets won’t change, the white or clear elastic ligatures do discolour relatively quickly. Try to avoid colourful foods like curries, red wine and coffee, and rinse your mouth out with water after eating. These elastics are changed each time you have your braces adjusted, so any staining in short-lived.



Lingual braces use the same materials and brackets of regular braces. But instead of the brackets attaching to the outside of your teeth, they are fitted to the inside. They are invisible from the front, so they are the best ones to hide, but they do have more cons. As they are on the inside of your mouth, they’re much more difficult to live with. They can affect your speech and ability to eat, causing sores on your tongue. They are also much more difficult to keep clean, and adjustment appointments will be lengthier due to their fiddly nature. These are popular with celebrities, who want to hide the fact that they are wearing braces.


Image Source


Invisible Trays

A relatively new form of orthodontists, invisible trays are proving very popular. The main brand are Invisalign Braces by Accent Dental, and this is what most are known as. This treatment starts with a mould of the patient’s teeth being taken, which is uploaded onto a computer programme. The dentist can then work with you to alter the model online to get the desired look. When you’ve settled an end goal, plastic trays will be made that will adjust your teeth to their new positions. You will use a new tray every two weeks, which will eventually end up as the computer generated teeth look. These trays are much easier to cover than the fitted braces. They are generally preferred as they are removable, so eating and drink are unaffected. It’s important that the trays are worn 20-22 hours a day still, though, as taking them out for too long will slow the process down.


Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in Olive Green

Good morning friends!
I pulled out this color -Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in Olive Green – from deeeep within my nail polish stash for today’s Manicure Monday. I’ve probably had this nail polish for a good 5 or 6 years.

Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in Olive Green

I love this color. Not just the nail polish, but Olive Green in general is a favorite shade of mine. I’d wear this color all day every day if I were not afraid of looking…militant.
Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in Olive Green

Olive Green is a rich, deep, dusty green. With colors this bold, nail polishing errors sure are apparent, aren’t they? I’m still working on my polishing skillz.

Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in Olive Green

I only need two coats for full opacity. It was layered over a base coat of Orly Bonder and under a top coat of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. It applied smoothly and evenly. Because I am impatient, I dunked my fingertips in a bowl of ice water to make it dry faster. I got about 5 days’ wear from this combo before it started to chip.

What’s on your nails today?