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Be Beautiful Inside and Out By Using Nature Friendly Beauty Products

We are a generation fascinated by all things beauty: hair products, makeup, cleansers, toners, moisturisers. The list goes on and on. But have you ever paused to think about how these products came to be on the shelf in the store? If you haven’t, it’s time to start asking a few more questions when it comes to your favourite brands and their production processes. You never know, the products you use every day on your hair, skin and nails could have less than desirable traits. A simple way to be beautiful inside and out is to use more natural beauty products. Here are a few things to watch out for when choosing which items to buy and which to leave on the shelf.


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Go Cruelty-Free!


Animals belong in the wild or loving homes, not in cages and laboratories. Animal activists’ exposure of cosmetics brands that test on animals has made us increasingly aware of what goes on behind closed doors in cosmetic production, and more brands are going cruelty-free. When opting for cosmetics that have not been tested on animals, you don’t lose out. They’re all safe. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be on the shop shelves. Products that have been tested on animals are also generally jam-packed with chemicals (hence the need for testing in the first place). By removing these from your daily routine, you will have much less negative ingredients coming into contact with the sensitive skin on your face and body.


Keep it Organic


When it comes to skincare and makeup, you should always opt for organic products. Why? Well, they’re made up of entirely natural ingredients. This is much more environmentally friendly, as their creation and disposal mean that fewer chemicals and other nasties are released into the environment. What’s more? This is better for your skin too. Check out this top list of natural makeup brands if you’re considering making the switch. Most of us are set in our ways and purchase the same products out of habit. However, once you have found the right shades in new, natural brands, you’ll be good to go and feel all the better for it.


Ditch Plastic


Plastic is no good for the environment. It’s a completely man-made material that is often difficult to recycle and generally not biodegradable. The smallest piece can take hundreds of years to break down and may end up polluting waters or giving off toxic fumes if burnt. So remove it from your routine. Opt for bamboo alternatives to plastic handles on toothbrushes and hairbrushes. Bamboo grows quickly and is easily replaceable, as well as being biodegradable. You should also avoid any products containing microbeads, as these pollute the oceans due to current water filtration systems’ inability to remove them from wastewater.


So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to start making your beauty routine more eco-friendly. It’s better for you, the animals and the planet at large, so what’s stopping you? You’ll feel the benefits, both physically and morally in no time at all.


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Monday Manicure – Chrome nails

Good morning!
Have you heard of chrome nails? I had not, but I won a chrome manicure from a local nail salon on Instagram!
So off I went and there were the results:

rose gold chrome nails

Chrome nails are CRAZY shiny – metallic, sparkly, whatever you fancy. There’s so much variation available because of the process.  And this was an elaborate manicure, even by gel standards. There was a base coat, the cured (put under the UV lamp).

Next, there is a base color. Knowing nothing about chrome nails, I was surprised that base colors were orange and brown. There was a layer of base coat, then cured, then repeated. Then a gel top coat was applied and cured. That’s six layers!

One the nail technician wiped my nail clean, she pulled out a tiny jar of sparkles. It was about the same size as a jar of loose mineral eye shadow. And she had a sponge-tip eyeshadow applicator, too! At this point I got confused, because I had orange and brown nails and now the manicurist has glitter? But this was the chrome part! She dipped the eyeshadow applicator in the sparkly powder, and rubbed it into my nails. And like magic, they suddenly looked like this:

rose gold chrome nails indoors

The powder somehow blended into the polish (which was bone dry) and changed the color. It was amazing to watch. Science at the salon!

I’ve since watched the chrome nail technique on YouTube maybe 983,561 times, and I wonder if I can duplicate it at home…

Have you tried a Chrome manicure yet?


Today’s the day! Whole Foods beauty bag

Good morning!
If you’re in the US, run, don’t walk, to your local Whole Foods to pick up the annual beauty bag.


Click on this link for details about the contents. Last year’s bag created quite the stir in the blogging world, so I’m excited to go get one.

So let me follow my own advice and head over to Whole Foods to snag mine!