Sale Alert – 20% off at Lucy Minerals

lucy minerals
Hey beauties – remember this post where I listed my favorite Lucy Minerals items for my workout partner-in-crime? Well, she’s at Lucy Minerals RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE with her BFF getting makeovers, seeing how products are made, deciding what blushes to buy, and basically trying out all of Lucy’s goodies. I’m totally not seething with envy over here, I swear.

And there’s a 20% off sale on almost everything… so naturally I had to order a few things.

    Here’s what I ordered (all photos from Lucy Mineral’s website):
    • Vitamin C Serum – Vitamin C serum is a crucial part of my skincare routine these days. I haven’t tried Lucy’s yet, but I’m excited for it to arrive!
      Lucy Minerals Vitamin C serum


    • Ambrosia for Dry Skin Beauty Oil – I haven’t tried this, but Lucy’s other beauty oils are HG products for me. No, I don’t have dry skin, but I do love me some shea butter oil… I’ve almost run out of my stash of Ambrosia Beauty Oil so my stock needs to be replenished.
      Ambrosia for Dry Skin Beauty Oil



Will you be buying anything during Lucy Mineral’s 20% off sale?




OPI Hello Kitty Collection – Super Cute in Pink

Good morning!
Last weekend I treated myself to a mani and pedi at a new nail salon in my neighborhood. I’d taken my own polish, but then I saw the Hello Kitty OPI collection on the shelf…
Now, I knew about this collection, but I really have to restrain myself with the Hello Kitty merchandise. I came back from working in Japan with an entire giant suitcase full of Hello Kitty cuteness. So I told myself NO. I do NOT need to buy anymore nail polish, even if it’s Hello Kitty!

But if it’s at the salon, it’s fair game!
This is Super Cute in Pink. It’s bright mauve in a creme/jelly formula.

OPI Hello Kitty Collection - Super Cute in Pink

So bright! So shiny! So…SUPER CUTE!

OPI Hello Kitty Collection - Super Cute in Pink

Alas, the nail technician only applied two coats, and I don’t think it was enough since I have Visible Nail Lines (VNL). I think jelly formula polishes are a bit thinner and need three coats for full opacity.
But, who cares?! It’s Hello Kitty nail polish!

What color is on your nails today?


Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish from the Star Wars collection in Red Revenge

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a great weekend.

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed another nail polish from the Star Wars Cover Girl collection in Mutant, and I’m back with another one!

Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish from the Star Wars collection in Red Revenge
This is Red Revenge. It’s a cherry-red shade with incredible shine. The Cover Girl Outlast formula is smooth and easy to apply.

Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish from the Star Wars collection in Red Revenge

I only needed two coats for full opacity. The Cover Girl formula dries quickly and I only see a bit of tip wear before my nails grow out so much that I have to remove it. I love this Outlast line! Chipping has always been a frustrating problem for me, but this polish really adheres to my nails. I’ve already cruised the Cover Girl section at Target to look for more Outlast polishes.

Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish from the Star Wars collection in Red Revenge

So pretty! Thank you Cover Girl for sending this over for me to try, because I am really impressed with the longevity of the Outlast polishes!

What’s on your nails today?


CoverGirl Star Wars nail polish

Is this every geek girl’s dream or what?! CoverGirl has a Star Wars line of cosmetics! CoverGirl very kindly sent over a few items for me to try. 

For today’s Manicure Monday, I’m wearing Mutant in the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant formula.

It’s an electric blue cream shade. This is two coats. Two coats! It’s that opaque that I only needed the two.

I’ve never tried Cover Girl nail polish, and I’m happy to report that this is quality stuff. I sometimes have problems applying cream polishes evenly, but not here-it was smooth and even. And shiny! 

Between the Cover Girl Outlast formula and my trusty Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat, this mani lasted 6 days without tip wear. It might have lasted longer, but my nails grow pretty fast and the gap between the cuticle and polish was bugging me so I removed it last night.

Are you a Star Wars fan? 


Today’s workout

Today I went to Total Woman gym, my happy place! I haven’t been in ages.

I’ve started Couch to 10k over, for seemingly the umpteenth time. I’m working on speed now, and I’m not unhappy with today’s result. I’m still in Week 1!

I also did a TCA patch test. A such as I like twice-weekly Mandelic acid peels, I’m ready for something stronger. Wish me luck!

How was your day?