Blush Challenge – Everyday Minerals Apple

and I’m not even bothering with photos. This looks like a nice shade – reddish pink, would make you look like you just came in from the cold – but it’s awfully chalky. It was in the back of my blush drawer and now I remember why I never use it. TOSS!


Sale Alert – BOGO at Lucy Minerals!

Lucy Minerals is having a buy-one-get-one sale until Wednesday! Shipping is free, and there are free gifts for orders over $25!

I may have to stock up on finishing powder – love that stuff, it’s an HG product for sure. I may also make sure my total is over $25 so I can get Autumn Splendor – the Mineral Makeup Forum is raving about that eyeshadow!


Blush Challenge – Everyday Minerals Yard Sale

For today’s blush challenge, I pulled out an old favorite – Yard Sale from Everyday Minerals.

No link, because this shade was discontinued a while ago. Thankfully I have this big jar that should last quite a while. Even if it were still available, I would not repurchase because Everyday Minerals has undergone some changes and everything has been reformulated.

Yard Sale is a peachy-beige with a gold sheen undertone. It’s very subtle and fresh. It also makes a nice eyeshadow.


Maren puts the X in P90X

P90X Chest & Back just isn’t the same since I learned about¬†Maren’s previous career

Maren P90X Chest & Back

How can you be in that much pain and have that much fun?

It becomes a totally different video when Tony Horton tells her to go deeper, or when he tells her it hurts in a good way. And all those faces she makes…oh dear.

My pull-up progress is s-l-o-w. I did this workout at home with my guy yesterday, and put the bench behind me when I was using the pull-up bar. I could do maybe 5 for each pullup, and I am feeling it today.
For Round 1, I did push-ups on my toes, and went to my knees for Round 2, so my push-ups are coming along nicely.



Blush Challenge – adorned with Grace Minerals Radiant blush

adorned with Grace Minerals Radiant blush is an orangy-peachy shade. (link goes to an old site)

adorned with Grace Minerals Radiant blush

I really like this blush and I use it often.

my swatches are pretty much useless for bad photography

adorned with Grace Minerals is “adorned with Grace Minerals(TM) is a Vegan mineral cosmetic line specializing in formulating foundation colors for Olive/Yellow skintones.”¬† That’s me! I have strong yellow undertones and am on the pale side, so I really like that this company caters specifically for my coloring. Radiant is really a perfect color for me – peachy, sheer, just really pretty.

Unfortunately, adorned with Grace seems to have folded. The links I put in for the products are to the old ecrater site, and domain has a “Down for Maintenance” message, and the blog hasn’t been updated in over a year. I guess the indie mineral market is tough, and I’m really sorry this company closed.