Aromaleigh Gossamer Variable Coverage Mineral Foundation

There are a few reasons why I stick with powder mineral foundation, even though I know it’s not advised for women overĀ  40.
First, I’m really oily. Whatever primer, finishing powder, skin care, whatever I use, my skin is oily, and foundation just does.not stay on. I have to reapply once or twice a day. With a powder compact, liquid foundation, or anything other than loose minerals, I think it’s kind of messy and gross.

Second, I have yellow undertones. There are few drugstore or department store foundations that are truly yellow. Maybe Prescriptives or Bobbi Brown, but I couldn’t ever get a great match there with the coverage I really want.

Third, and related to that last point – I feel like I need a lot of coverage. With loose minerals, I can control the coverage by adding layers when/as I need them, either the first time I apply it, or as the day goes on.

And finally (also related to the second point) if I can’t get a good color match, that’s not a big deal with loose minerals because I can mix up a color the way I want it to look. The way *I* want it to look, not the way some pushy sales person thinks it should. But I digress.

Anyway, that brings me to my current foundation – Gossamer formula from Aromaleigh. From the website:

Gossamer is ideal for all skintypes, and is our most popular mineral foundation formula. You can apply it with a fluffy brush for light coverage, or achieve a more moderate coverage by applying it with a kabuki brush or a flocked sponge.

It is finely milled and silky and contains Zinc Oxide, for full spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Gossamer also utilizes advanced light-dispersing and skin-smoothing pigment technology.

GOSSAMER looks just like you’d expect any mineral foundation to appear- a fine, loose powder… however, when you begin to apply it, you begin to feel a smooth, silky feeling on your skin… application is effortless… the powder melds with your own skintone yielding the appearance of perfection. It’s “Your Skin… Only Better”.

This is quality stuff. I fretted when Lumiere went out of business and I ran out of my beloved Cashmere foundation, but I needn’t have worried. Aromaleigh Gossamer is gorgeous, smooth, and gives me the coverage I really need. Bonus! There’s a bit of a shimmer in the foundation, so it’s not completely matte (the reason that women my age aren’t really supposed to wear powdered foundations). The glowiness with this foundation is perfect – my face isn’t flat matte, but it’s not shiny, either.

Aromaleigh Gossamer mineral foundation powder in Light 2Y and Medium 3Y

I really like the coloring/numbering system that Aromaleigh uses for its foundation – simple and straightforward. I’ve got yellow undertones, so I’m a Y. I’m light-complected, so I want Light. Easy peasy.

Aromaleigh Gossamer mineral foundation powder in Light 2Y and Medium 3Y

Except, Aromaleigh’s light is a bit too light for me. But – look above for Reason #4 why I buy loose minerals – that’s not a big deal. I just buy the medium shade and mix with the light!

As much as I love Lucy Minerals finishing powder, I’m tempted by Aromaleigh’s. The Luminesce Divine powder looks lovely and I think I need more glow! Or, I could try the Dewdrop foundation formula…or mix some of the Dewdrop foundation formula with Gossamer…

Aromaleigh is available online only, but you can order samples to find your perfect foundation match for $2.25. A full-size jar goes for $35 and lasts me about 4 months with 2-3 fully applications a day.

What foundation are you using these days?


My Stash of Finishing Powders

As an oily gal, I definitely need to have a finishing powder on top of my base makeup – mineral or liquid. A good finishing powder really does set my foundation and helps keep it from melting away.

Here is what’s in my stash of finishing powders:


1. Silk Naturals Liberty Golden Perfecting Glow: Liberty is a shimmery golden finishing powder. This is probably too shimmery for me with my oily skin. It’s absolutely gorgeous though, and I do like to brush some on top of my cheeks or on my nekkid eyelids. This would work really well as an all-over face powder for someone with drier skin.

2. Silk Naturals Perfecting Powder: The name pretty much sums it up – this is a translucent finishing powder that really makes my skin seem smooth and soft. It’s got a matte finish with a bit and there is a vegan formula too!

3. Lucy Minerals Finishing Powder – Oil Control Silica formula: My HG finishing powder. I’ve got back-ups of my back-ups in case it ever gets discontinued, which is probably unnecessary because a little bit of this goes a l-o-n-g way, even for me who reapplies several times a day. It’s smooth and soft and doesn’t feather or crease in my T-zone. Best of all, it’s oil-control without making my skin feel tight and dry. It’s pretty much magical. Keep your eyes on Lucy Minerals’ Facebook page for flash sales if you want to try this out.

4. Aromaleigh Peaches & Cream Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder: I love the smooth and silky texture this gives my skin. This finishing powder has a pale pink tint and a lot of glimmer that give my skin a soft-focus look. It’s on sale this week…I might try English Rose next.

5. Everyday Minerals Sunlight Finishing Dust: I bought this feeling nostalgic for the old Cornsilk powder I used as a teenager. I like that this yellowish powder tones down the redness in my face. But! Dust is the operative word here. This powder seems to get stuck in my eyebrows and on the peach fuzz on my cheeks, making me look, well, dusty. I generally use this only after some depilatory action.

What’s your favorite finishing powder?


New Blog Design and a Giveaway!

EDIT: Congratulations to Jessi for winning! Sorry for the delay in posting the results here, ladies, but thanks to everyone for participating.

How do you like my new blog design? Pamela from The Posh Box is very talented (and patient, because I changed my mind a million times)

To celebrate my new blog page, I’m hosting a little giveaway along with my friend Kimberly Stallworth, who guest posted for me a couple of weeks ago. What are we giving away? Blush, of course!

    • e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia. Swatches here.
    • Lucy Minerals try-it sized blushes in Petal, Sea Coral, and Juicy Peach. Swatches here, here, and here.
    • Aromaleigh blush samples in Dahlia, Verve, Tulip, and Nectar. Swatches here, here, here, and here.
    • CoverGirl Cheekers Blush in Natural Twinkle. I’ve never reviewed it, but it was my first blushy love.
    • POP Beauty Cherry Blossom Lush Blush – this just kind of showed up in my stash so no review. I think it came in a gift bag?
    • e.l.f. Studio Blush Brush because how else are you going to apply these?

All items except the POP Beauty blush have been purchased by me.

Enter using Rafflecopter below! This giveaway is open internationally.

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Face Value

Here are the products I’m wearing today

Grand total – $112.15 I’d guesstimate that I actually paid closer to $30 for this stuff – some were gifts or gifts with purchase, and the rest were definitely on sale.



Mail Call – Aromaleigh

I ordered Dewdrop foundation and a sample of Illuminata Eye during Aromaleigh’s 33% off sale. A few pretty eye shadow samples were included too.