My Stash of Finishing Powders

As an oily gal, I definitely need to have a finishing powder on top of my base makeup – mineral or liquid. A good finishing powder really does set my foundation and helps keep it from melting away.

Here is what’s in my stash of finishing powders:


1. Silk Naturals Liberty Golden Perfecting Glow: Liberty is a shimmery golden finishing powder. This is probably too shimmery for me with my oily skin. It’s absolutely gorgeous though, and I do like to brush some on top of my cheeks or on my nekkid eyelids. This would work really well as an all-over face powder for someone with drier skin.

2. Silk Naturals Perfecting Powder: The name pretty much sums it up – this is a translucent finishing powder that really makes my skin seem smooth and soft. It’s got a matte finish with a bit and there is a vegan formula too!

3. Lucy Minerals Finishing Powder – Oil Control Silica formula: My HG finishing powder. I’ve got back-ups of my back-ups in case it ever gets discontinued, which is probably unnecessary because a little bit of this goes a l-o-n-g way, even for me who reapplies several times a day. It’s smooth and soft and doesn’t feather or crease in my T-zone. Best of all, it’s oil-control without making my skin feel tight and dry. It’s pretty much magical. Keep your eyes on Lucy Minerals’ Facebook page for flash sales if you want to try this out.

4. Aromaleigh Peaches & Cream Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder: I love the smooth and silky texture this gives my skin. This finishing powder has a pale pink tint and a lot of glimmer that give my skin a soft-focus look. It’s on sale this week…I might try English Rose next.

5. Everyday Minerals Sunlight Finishing Dust: I bought this feeling nostalgic for the old Cornsilk powder I used as a teenager. I like that this yellowish powder tones down the redness in my face. But! Dust is the operative word here. This powder seems to get stuck in my eyebrows and on the peach fuzz on my cheeks, making me look, well, dusty. I generally use this only after some depilatory action.

What’s your favorite finishing powder?


How much is your face worth?

A torrential downpour scuppered plans for today’s hike, so instead I thought I’d do a post about how much the makeup items I’m wearing cost. There are a lot of How Much Is Your Face Worth posts in the beauty blogging world, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon and tallying up today’s makeup.

  1. Primer (face) – Avon MagiX Face Perfector $10
  2. Primer (eye) – Silk Naturals eye primer v.2. This was a $1 gumball
  3. Primer (eye) – Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy $7Face worth primers
  4. Foundation – Lumiere Cashmere in Light Golden $18
  5. Finishing Powder – Lucy Minerals Finishing Powder in Oil Control Silica $15
  6. Blush – Everyday Minerals Yard Sale. Discontinued, but full-size blushes are $9.99Face worth powders
  7. Lippie – Avon Smooth Minerals in Malted Minerals. Discontinued, but lipsticks are usually $8face worth lips
  8. Eyeliner – 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Lucky $19
  9. Mascara – Lancome Defencils in Brown  $26
  10. Eye Shadows – Aromaleigh Helena and Titiana. These are discontinued, but eye shadows from the current frost collection are $6.50 each.Face worth eyes

Total = $139.98. I highly doubt that I actually paid anything close to that! I only buy stuff when it’s on sale.


Blush Challenge – Collection of O dupes

Several thousand dollars ago, I bought high-end makeup thinking it would help my acne-prone skin. I tried probably every foundation in every department, specialty, and drug store, and bought matching blushes, eye shadows, liner, mascaras, and lippies. My sprees ended before Nars Orgasm was released so I’ve never actually tried it.

In fact, I bought all of these blushes (except Silk Naturals Climax; that was kind of obvious) without knowing about the huge O dupe market, which is probably why I’ve ended up with four.

From top to bottom – Aromaleigh v.1 Rococo, Silk Naturals Climax, e.l.f. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, Everyday Minerals Snuggle in direct sunlight

Silk Naturals Climax, e.l.f. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, Everyday Minerals Snuggle all looked pretty much the same. Aromaleigh Rococo seemed to be in the same color family, with a lot more depth.

From top to bottom – Aromaleigh v.1 Rococo, Silk Naturals Climax, e.l.f. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, Everyday Minerals Snuggle under a bit of shade

In this photo, they all seem to be strikingly similar, with the exceptions that Silk Naturals washed out and Aromaleigh was a bit more shimmery. This is pretty much how I saw them on my face too.

I ended up tossing Everyday Minerals Snuggle (just a tiny bit left in the sample jar anyway) and giving away Silk Naturals Climax – the e.l.f. palette is really convenient for travel, and I just love Aromaleigh Rococo, so those two are keepers.


Blush Challenge – Aromaleigh Rococo

Here’s a description for Rococo. Since it’s not being sold anymore, I had to really dig for it.

“Rococo” … A clear sweet nectar-hued rouge. Not too peachy, this lovely color has a healthy dose of pink to make it a gorgeous neutral shade that will give your cheeks a naturally flushed appearance akin to that famed “O”… Just gorgeous on everyone!~~

I’ve got a few O dupes – Everyday Minerals Snuggle, Silk Naturals Climax, e.l.f. blusher/bronzer duo, but what’s one more? This color is easy to wear and I feel like it makes me look young and awake.

Aromaleigh Rococo jar

Aromaleigh Rococo swatch

It looks really pigmented in the jar, so I applied it with a loose brush, but I needn’t have worried; it’s a peachy-pink with a bit of sparkle.

I really like this – smooth, blendable, good staying power, not over-the-top with the sparkles so I can wear it to work…pretty much a perfect everyday color.

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Blush Challenge – Everyday Minerals Nick Nack

I think Nick Nack was the first mineral blush I tried. I sampled a lot from Everyday Minerals, and the sample sets included blushes. This blush was just about perfect for a mineral makeup newbie – a neutral, light pink, perfect for a natural flush. I used up a sample jar, and have almost used up a mini jar. In the true spirit of mineral makeup hoarding, I have a full-size jar waiting for me.

Can you see it? No? I can’t either.

But I don’t think I’ll be using the rest of the mini jar, nor will I crack open the full-size. All the bloom is off the EDM rose for me. Compared to the other mineral blushes in my stash, EDM blushes pretty much suck. Nick Nack definitely had a place in my rotation, but the space has now been occupied by Aromaleigh Glazed – also a light, neutral pink.