Humpday Confessions

I have put on a lot of weight.

humpday confessions - how do i lose the weight I recently put on
Here I am on Saturday, looking thick.

I have no idea how this happened…other than overeating and undermoving, I suppose. I had a goal to have a 26-in waist by Beachbody Summit in July, and when I hit my goal, I totally fell off the clean-eating wagon.

When I got home from Mexico a couple of weeks ago, I popped on the scale and was horrified to find out that I was 155 pounds. I have never weighed that much, even when I was at my Law School Heaviest. And it’s not like I didn’t know I was putting on weight; all my clothes were extremely uncomfortable, especially in the waist.

Fortunately, 5 pounds dropped off quickly (probably because I ran out of Shakeology in Mexico and was a bit…backed up), but I’m still 15 pounds over my ceiling weight of 135. I’m a  only 5′ tall; that’s a lot of weight for me! A LOT OF WEIGHT.

Now, as a Beachbody coach, I tell my customers not to worry about weight. I tell them they should focus on eating properly for their workouts, and the weight will kind of take care of itself. I’m going to try REALLY REALLY hard to follow my own advice, and not focus on the scale.

This is my game plan to get back down to a manageable size (because I had to buy one new pair of jeans in a bigger size AND they’re uncomfortably tight and I’ll be damned if I’m buying anymore)

  • Wear my fitbit again, because I like the motivation to hit my step goal (15k) everyday
  • I started a new round of Body Beast on Monday. The weight’s not going to come off with this workout, but I should drop inches and firm up
  • Eat 40-50% of my calories as protein so I can power through my workouts
  • Start training for the Hollywood Half Marathon in April

Wish me luck! I totally need it because it’s Pumpkin Spice Everything season and I like to eat.

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Hashtag Humpday – The Grammar Edition

Nothing, nothing boils my blood like errant apostrophes.

You can must should read the rules for proper apostrophe usage here.

The important part of that article is Rule 2B: apostrophes do not belong in plurals. For some reason, the practice of apostrophes in plurals is called a “grocer’s apostrophe.” If I were a grocer, I’d be furious that such an abomination has been attributed to my entire profession.

Because this bothers me so very much, naturally I have to take photos and blog about it.


20140713-160854-58134090.jpgBody’s what? Body’s shape? Did the ad mean Bodies? I DON’T KNOW.


  20140713-160855-58135162.jpgWhy the inconsistency? If you’re going to make a mistake, own it!


20140713-160852-58132070.jpgWhy bother to look up the proper spelling of an irregular plural when you can just toss in an apostrophe?


20140713-160852-58132744.jpgOnly Apples get a compost hole. Oranges and Bananas are on their own.


 Unfortunately, our apostrophe misuse has travelled south of the border. I saw these in Mexico. 20140713-160857-58137134.jpgMaybe the bag belongs to a guy named Chip? Perhaps other bags are branded Skip’s and Buffy’s.




 The BBC got it wrong, too! See Rule 8 on this list of proper apostrophe usage.

Phew!  Time for a chill pill. Join me for the next installment in which I argue the merits of the Oxford comma. Just kidding!

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Humpday Confessions – The Gym Edition

Vodka and Soda

I’ve got a lot to say about this category, so no dithering around – we’re going to get right to it.

  • People who comment on my food choices, be they healthy or indulgent. Please also see my earlier rant about assigning moral value to food here.


  • Butt sweat on the bench. Clean that nasty mess up!
  • People who workout RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE WEIGHT RACK. Yes, I know there’s a mirror there and you like to see yourself curl and flex your biceps, but other people need access to the dumbbells, too!
    people who work out in front of the weight rack
  • I’m not the gym truancy officer! I like to work out, maybe you hate it. None of my business, so no need to offer up excuses why you don’t exercise.
  • Workout partners who bail.
  • I’m annoyed with myself for getting on the scale this week.
  • Gym selfies – are you there to work out or to model?! Oh wait, that’s me.  But I only took it to show the dude working his biceps in front of the weight rack. Yes, that’s the reason.
    gym selfie
  • How cool is this?! Tony Horton and Dreya Weber from the original P90X workout. My little heart raced with excitement! Or maybe it was racing from the workout.
    Tony Horton, P90X, Workout Wednesday, Dreya Weber, Westfield

 What bothers you about the gym? Lay it on us!

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