Manicure Monday – Zoya Sunny

Zoya Sunny

Zoya Sunny is a cheerful color and one of my favorites. I love how the gold of the polish comes out at certain angles and lighting. This is three coats since it’s a bit sheer.


Manicure Monday – OPI Black Tie Optional

Black Tie Optional

I first got OPI Black Tie Optional for a pedicure in Hanoi, Vietnam, many years ago. I looked for it when I returned home, but it’d been discontinued! So I had to resort to eBay. $18 is usually a LOT more than I would pay for nail polish, but this color brings up some happy travel memories so it’s worth it.
It’s several years old now so it’s gone a bit thick. I’ll have to buy some polish thinner to get it back to a good consistency.


Manicure Monday – Zoya Penny

I didn’t have a great chip-free week so I removed the polish off just after I took this photo, Day 4.20130403-183048.jpg

Just a bit of tip wear on the right hand, but a chip on my left thumb and it was really annoying me. I cannot abide chipped polish!

I’m not too keen on this color for my fingers anyway but I’m not sure why not? It’s absolutely stunning in the bottle, just like copper (which is probably why it’s called Penny). I think this would look better on toes, honestly.


Manicure Monday – Zoya Carrie Ann

It’s Monday and I’m back at work for a short project. How was your weekend?

Since stumbling upon a possible chip-free solution, I’ve decided to keep my nails polished at all times. Why not? If I don’t have to remove it on the second day because of hideous chips, I’m going for it.

This week’s mani was Carrie Ann from Zoya. It was a bit tomato-y, but the golden sparkles make it a bright and pretty shade.


State of the Manicure, Day 5

I had a couple of chips by Day 5, but I’m still pretty satisfied with the wear from Orly Bonder and Orly Won’t Chip. This is what my mani would have looked like the same day as I applied before I started using the Orly combo, so I’m more than happy.
And, to be fair, I was a bit rough with my manicure this week – I hand-washed a bit of laundry and did some housework without gloves (gasp!).

What do you think of this color? What’s your favorite base/topcoat combination?


Manicure Monday – Chip-Free at Last

I don’t often wear nail polish – even though I have tons of it – because it chips so quickly. And I feel self-conscious and slovenly with chipped nails, as if I don’t know how to groom myself. I usually can’t go 24 hours without a chip that makes me run for the nail polish remover, especially if it’s a dark or bold color.

But this manicure is 3 days old! Sure, I’ve got some tip wear, but nothing embarrassing that makes me shove my hands in my pocket. I think I found the secret combination!

death grip on the dumbbell

dumbbell death grip

Here’s what I used – Orly Bonder, coat of polish (Zoya Mimi), Orly Bonder, coat of polish, Orly Bonder, coat of polish, Orly Won’t Chip top coat, Silk Naturals All Set Drying Drops.  Sounds like a hassle but it didn’t actually take too long to apply, and I could not be happier with the results!

I am really excited about this – was it a fluke? Or did I finally achieve a chip-free mani?

I might just go crazy with the polish now. Crackle top coats, accent nails, water marbling…I’m all over it.

Have you found a chip-free solution?