4 Ways To Fuel Your Workouts

Learning what fuels your body effectively takes a little time, and sometimes, trial and error to see what’ll work. When you have a workout ahead of you, plus a busy day at work, you have to learn what fuels your body properly so that you can keep going through the day. Whether you want to train as a pro-athlete or you just want your body to be healthier and fitter, you can still maximise your workouts. The energy you have during the workout will improve your overall performance and really boost your results.

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We’ve got four brilliant tips for you, so that your workouts will feel like they’re paying off. You need to supercharge that body before your next workout, and we’ve got the answers on how you can do that, even if you aren’t training for the Olympics!

  1. Hydration. Water is so underrated in its properties. You sweat – a lot – when you exercise. Even if it isn’t streaming off you in rivers, you’re still sweating and losing electrolytes and hydration when you work out. The volume of sweat will, of course, vary by the intensity of the workout you are doing, but staying hydrated is crucial to keep your body and brain energised. The way to see how much water you need is to weigh in before and after a workout. If you have lost weight after the workout, you need to ensure you drink another two cups of water during the workout for each pound you lose.
  2. Carbs. They’re not evil, despite what Dr Atkins may say. Carbohydrates fuel your body and this is what you burn the most during the workout. Half of your daily calorie intake should come from carbohydrates especially if you are in the gym a lot. You don’t necessarily need to be filling up on bowls of pasta before a half hour run, but if you are a serious athlete then carbs should be fuelling your breakfast.
  3. Supplements. Shakes, protein powders and other supplements can really make a difference if you are trying to build muscle mass. You can check out a natural bodybuilding supplement review here if you are looking for a great idea for your workouts. Speak to a trainer and get some advice before starting on any supplements – you need to ensure you are fit and healthy and if they won’t work for you, there’s no point in starting.
  4. Protein. Filling up on protein after a workout is crucial for muscle repair. Adding lean muscle mass will require you to add more protein to your diet than usual, so stock up on chicken and eggs! Having a 20g portion of protein within half an hour of finishing your workout will help to build lean muscle greatly.

Once you understand what fuel you need to have an effective workout, you will be able to do more for your body. Keeping your muscles and bones safe while working out is important, so always get advice on what you need before you begin.




  1. Lovely article! What also really helps for me is getting enough sleep the day before my workout. I’m way more productive in the gym when I’ve slept 8-hours instead of >7.

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