Fitness Mistakes You Made Last Year And How To Fix Them

Being fit and healthy isn’t always easy; in fact for many of us it can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle that’s never going to get any better. It doesn’t matter how often you workout, how much state-of-the-art equipment you’ve invested in or how many classes you take. Because unless you understand the common mistakes and why people make them, your fitness regime will slowly stagnate and hold you back from achieving some amazing goals in 2017.


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Not Knowing Why You’re Working Out

You might have known exactly why you began your regime in the beginning but somewhere along the line you’ve forgotten exactly why you choose to run, weight lift or cycle three times a week and that’s key for mental motivation. Everyone has those days where the gym seems too far away; it’s too early to get up or just a vague sense of why am I bothering? It’s those days where you need to call on all your reserves and your personal reason. Did you start exercising to lose weight? To keep up with your kids? Or look gorgeous in your wedding photos? You need to reconnect with your special reason and have it to inspire you to get out of bed, shove your trainers on and head out into the park when you’d rather eat cookies under the duvet.

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Jumping On The Celebrity Fitness Bandwagon

Waist training, soulcycle, sunrise yoga sessions the list goes on, and every year there’s a new exercise class or technique that everyone tries out. By hopping from one program to another you don’t give your body time to show you the results, nor do you learn the basic elements that explain why it may be a beneficial form of exercise. Stick with a class until you’re certain that it’s not for you and before quitting discuss your concerns with the instructor as they may be able to help. Look for fitness courses that have proven results, are regularly attended and have minimal celebrity promotion as they’re often the ones that’ll work the best.

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Poor Planning Of Your Routine

We all have certain obligations in our lives such as family, friends, work and school which take up a significant amount of our time. To plan, and therefore complete a successful workout you need to know exactly how much time you have available, setting aside a few minutes here and there isn’t the way to build a regime, as well as prioritizing tasks and making sure you’re taking time for yourself.

It’s fine to have some down time to watch Netflix, read for a bit or listen to music but maybe stick to a couple of episodes, a chapter or two or a few songs instead of a whole series, novel or three albums. Poor planning also goes hand in hand with lack of accountability, i.e. telling yourself you’ll go swimming next week, eat some cake now and run tomorrow or skip a session so you can spend time catching up on work. Because there’s no one accountable for you such as an instructor or personal trainer, it’s very easy to slack off, but in the end, the only person that hurts is you.



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