Food Is Friend: Common Diet Misconceptions

January is the time of year that most people make a resolution to eat well, get fit and generally look after their health. It’s not just January for some – sometimes it’s a Monday. Or a Tuesday. Or any day after a holiday that means you eat a lot of food like Easter. Getting healthy has long been popular to have a dedicated day to ‘start again’. The one thing to remember about health? It’s constant. Your health is always going to be there it is up to you, however, to treat your body with respect and treat your heart in a way that preserves the muscle as much as possible.

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There are a lot of misconceptions about food, namely that some foods are ‘bad’ and other foods are ‘good’. Clean eating has been hailed as the newest thing, but for some, the idea of eating ‘clean’ means that anything that isn’t plant based, pure or in its most basic form is ‘dirty’. With food, it’s important to stay away from words that associate it with something bad as that can negatively impact your mental health. There are some pretty common ideas about food and in this article we’re going to bust a few for you!

Chocolate is bad.

Nope! Chocolate is great. Especially dark chocolate. It’s packed with anti-oxidants and iron and dark chocolate is highly recommended as one of the foods you should eat if you’re going to go for something sweet.

Carbs are bad.

Nope! Carbs like sweet potatoes and wholegrains are actually fantastic for your digestive system. White carbohydrates like potatoes, pastas and cakes should be limited in comparison, but carbs in general are good for your body.

Protein shakes are bad.

Nope! If you are in the gym, protein is fantastic for muscle repair and is great for those who aren’t a fan of much meat, where protein is mainly from. You shouldn’t substitute your meals with a shake but use it as a supplement to your diet. You can find some fab protein shaker bottle reviews online too!

Fat is bad.

Nope! There are saturated and unsaturated fats and while some fats aren’t as healthy as others, avocados are a superfood and they are full of healthy fats. Nuts and seeds are similarly fatty but a balance of the opposite fatty foods is overall great for your health.

Ultimately only you can make decisions about your diet but if you make sure you eat everything in moderation and your diet is well balanced with foods from all groups, your diet will work for you. You should never deprive yourself of sugars or fats based on the banner of ‘unhealthy’, being human we only get one chance to live life and a little indulgence never hurt anyone. Being healthy is about more than food as you need to ensure you balance your lifestyle with exercise and energy-burning fun. Get healthy, but do it so your mind stays healthy too.


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