Half Marathon Training Update – Run 10/Feed 10 recap

I’ve been burning out on half marathon training…but last Sunday was the Run 10, Feed 10 fun run. This was a 10K in residential areas of Brentwood and Santa Monica.


I had a rough start with this run…it began on an incline, it was HOT, I’d had Thrifty Ice Cream the day before, I didn’t find a bathroom before the race started…

But then we were level again, a couple of great songs came on my playlist, and I could see the ocean. I didn’t stop again until the turnaround, when Carly Simon reminded me that there wasn’t time for the pain, so I took off again. It was sooo nice to run alongside the water.
I decided during Mile 5 that my headphones would be less trouble inside my shirt so I walked for a bit while I fussed with that, but it was pretty much a slow steady jog after that.

Not the greatest run I’ve had, but exactly what I needed to get me back into training. I had a couple of other runs this week too and I’m pretty happy with them.

Tuesday runTuesday – I was s-o-r-e from the 10k on Sunday, but I felt great afterward.

saturday runThis morning – I felt pretty good. I think 5 miles is a decent length.

I’ve got to get up to ~8 at least once before the half – it’s only a month away!


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