Humpday Confessions – The Gym Edition

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I’ve got a lot to say about this category, so no dithering around – we’re going to get right to it.

  • People who comment on my food choices, be they healthy or indulgent. Please also see my earlier rant about assigning moral value to food here.


  • Butt sweat on the bench. Clean that nasty mess up!
  • People who workout RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE WEIGHT RACK. Yes, I know there’s a mirror there and you like to see yourself curl and flex your biceps, but other people need access to the dumbbells, too!
    people who work out in front of the weight rack
  • I’m not the gym truancy officer! I like to work out, maybe you hate it. None of my business, so no need to offer up excuses why you don’t exercise.
  • Workout partners who bail.
  • I’m annoyed with myself for getting on the scale this week.
  • Gym selfies – are you there to work out or to model?! Oh wait, that’s me.  But I only took it to show the dude working his biceps in front of the weight rack. Yes, that’s the reason.
    gym selfie
  • How cool is this?! Tony Horton and Dreya Weber from the original P90X workout. My little heart raced with excitement! Or maybe it was racing from the workout.
    Tony Horton, P90X, Workout Wednesday, Dreya Weber, Westfield

 What bothers you about the gym? Lay it on us!

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  1. its the grunters for me. I know working out is about exersion but when the man next to me on the running machine is grunting away i just cant.

  2. I am totally with you on butt sweat – and I don’t like head sweat either….. I don’t know what’s going on in each person’s hair. I HATE when people workout in front of the weights. I don’t mind if I can access the weights but when they are using the weight rack for support or downright blocking them, I want to point out they aren’t at home and they must *share*.

    The selfies crack me up but everyone is doing it so I tried a few from the bathroom after my workout and I felt really weird doing it.

    • says:

      ewww I didn’t think about head sweat! Now I’ll have something else to decontaminate, haha

  3. I haven’t been in a gym in forever .. lol .. 😛

  4. so much to comment on! i hate the gym for the very reasons you mentioned. people who workout in front of equipment or hog the equipment are the worst. dude, you don’t need every single weight for your set and i don’t care if you’re supersetting – get the weights you NEED, not the weights you’re going to use this year. sheesh.

    and tony horton! he can be annoying at times but he’s so awesome too.

  5. Oh my gosh…People who offer their opinions on my eating habits. They realize it’s a personal choice and that I’m not forcing anyone else to eat that way, right? I swear food has become my least favorite subject these days because everyone has a reason I shouldn’t eat x y z. I Just like food. So sue me! Love this post!

  6. Not enough machines, forgetting my music and not enough class availability ;/

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