Maren puts the X in P90X

P90X Chest & Back just isn’t the same since I learned about Maren’s previous career

Maren P90X Chest & Back

How can you be in that much pain and have that much fun?

It becomes a totally different video when Tony Horton tells her to go deeper, or when he tells her it hurts in a good way. And all those faces she makes…oh dear.

My pull-up progress is s-l-o-w. I did this workout at home with my guy yesterday, and put the bench behind me when I was using the pull-up bar. I could do maybe 5 for each pullup, and I am feeling it today.
For Round 1, I did push-ups on my toes, and went to my knees for Round 2, so my push-ups are coming along nicely.




  1. This is fantastic news!! Ps congrats on the progress- very inspiring

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