Today’s workout – Spin

Today was spin with Charletha. I love me some Charletha. Unlike Angie’s, her classes do not depend on on the music; rather it’s just background. Charletha’s spin class is a lot of 8-counts up hills or sprinting or both, then some recovery.  It’s an equally good (but very different), spin class. I’m always drenched with sweat , panting for breath, and wobbling around on my jello legs afterward.


Monday’s workouts – TRX and spin

Same as Friday – TRX and then spin later in the afternoon. I also walked 4 miles today.

TRX was a bit more challenging today. I love that TRX can change every workout and never get old or un-challenging.

Later in the afternoon I went to Angie’s spin class – she’s just the best instructor. Since I’ve been going to spin for a few years and have had different instructors, I think timing the music to the moves is really crucial! Angie definitely does just that.

But I know from past experience that I cannot out-exercise a bad diet! Here’s today’s report.

Today’s nutrition


Face of the Day

Today I went to the movies. I didn’t want to wear too much makeup since I walked there and back, ~6 miles total in 90-degree weather. It’s October! When is autumn going to start??

Just a few products today

This is the first time I’ve used Aromaleigh foundation. I’m going to finish the sample before I write a review on it, but so far so GREAT.

One of my favorite blush/lips combinations is Everyday Minerals Snuggle and Eyeko’s Strawberry Fat Balm. They make me look bright, awake, and dare I say it…youthful. Unfortunately, both Eyeko and Everyday Minerals seem to have been re-branded since I purchased these items. Eyeko now only sells mascara, and Everyday Minerals changed their formulas…so I’ll just enjoy the items I have now. Snuggle blush should be easy enough to replace, but I’m not looking forward to the day I run out of my Fat Balm!


I am one sweaty betty

so I’ve got the dreaded pit stain problem on my workout tees. Having to replace them after a few months really adds up, so I’ve been trying a few different methods to eliminate sweat and deodorant smells and stains from my clothes.

  • Oxyclean – I add this to a load of laundry no matter what it is. Not particularly effective on the sweat stains, but I like using it for all my laundry.
  • White vinegar – I tried using this in the rinse cycle in addition to fabric softener. This didn’t seem to do much for anything, but it’s possible that my tees were beyond redemption at this point.

I’ve just replaced a lot of my workout tees, so I’m now going to try a white vinegar soak: half a cup of water with one tablespoon of white vinegar. I just dip the pits in the solution before throwing them in the wash.

In addition to this, I’m starting using Certain Dri on a regular basis. I’ve used it before and I know it’s pretty effective at keeping the sweaty beast under control, but now I’m using it as part of a regime – every other day.

I’m hoping the vinegar soak + Certain Dri will help me get a few more workouts out of my clothes before I have to chuck them!


Friday’s Workouts – TRX and spin

Yesterday I went to TRX. There was another woman in the class so the instructor gave us a full-body workout. My core is particularly sore today! I sat in a cafe for a while to do some work, then I headed over to my usual gym for spin class. Angie is a fantastic spin instructor. She times all movements to the music, so you know when the tempo changes or the song hits a bridge or the chorus that you sprint or stand up or sit back down. Awesome. Yesterday was a lot hills and my quads are feeling rough!