Shakeology – YUM

So as a new Beachbody coach, I took full advantage of the discount and immediately set myself up with Shakeology monthly order – I do love my protein shakes. Today’s shake was chocolate Shakeology, half a cup of frozen blueberries, and two handfuls (handsfuls?) of spinach. The chocolate flavor of the Shakeology is really strong, so if you’re a choco-holic like me, you’ll love it. The spinach is thrown in because I try to get in 7-9 servings of veggies everyday, and BOOM! There’s two servings right there. The blueberries are cuz I like them. And they’re frozen so they make the shake thick, cold, and tasteriffic.

This shake works out to 210 calories, 2.7 g fat, 9.3 g fiber, 27.7 g carbs, 19 g protein, and a whole heck of a lot of other good stuff.

Have you tried Shakeology? If not, there’s a new sampler pack available here.




  1. Oooh, color me interested! I am going to check it out!

  2. I do protein shakes every so often. I just never know what to combine them with.

  3. Mmmmmmm!!! Shakeology is super yummers – I have tried one similar to the shake recipe you described and it tastes like a liquid brownie!!! No need to be intimidated by the spinach-you can’t taste it at all!!!

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