Spending Time with Sean from The Bachelor

This morning I had a 6am date with Sean Lowe from The Bachelor.Sean Lowe from the Bachelor, wedding, Body Beast But he wasn’t wearing a tuxedo.
Sean Lowe the Bachelor, Sagi Kalev, Body Beast
유씨 and I started the Body Beast workout program today.
Day 1 is Build: Chest / Tris.
Build Chest Tris

OMGWTFBBQ was that a tough workout. I haven’t felt this shaky since, never. I thought it wouldn’t that big of a deal because
-I’ve done a few rounds of P90X;
-There aren’t all that many actual exercises in this video;
-We watched it last night and I was annoyed by how many and how long the breaks were; and
-I used relatively light weights: 8-, 10-, 12- and 15 pounds. (The 15s didn’t make it into the second set of exercises).

Maybe it’s the sequence of the exercises? For the most part, each exercise has 4 sets: start light, go medium, then the heaviest you can, then decrease the weights back to medium or lighter weights. By the time I got to that 4th set, my arms were trembling. There were a few push-up sets in this video too, and I could manage about 3 each time. On my knees. And those breaks, boy did I need them.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Body Beast. I haven’t seen a lot of reviews on it from women, and the women who do review it are typically body builders or fitness competitors. Obviously, I’m neither; I just want to be fit and strong. And I’d like to be able to put my suitcase in the overhead compartment without assistance.

Have you tried Body Beast? Would you?

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  1. Wow body beast…that sounds tough! Let us know your progress!


  2. yes, i’m on my second round of body beast and I LOVE IT. i did it right after doing p90x because i love lifting so much.

    it’s tough because of all the drop/progressive/super sets but this program definitely works. i wish he incorporated more pullups and pushups but i see this as just a different way of working out.

    it’s also good to get yoga in there at least once a week to keep you flexible. focused lifting like this, where you build mass, can impede your flexibility and yoga will help (will also help work a different set of muscles).

    keep it up!! this is such a great program.

    • blushandbarbells@gmail.com says:

      Wow second round, that’s amazing!
      Good point about the yoga. I missed my hatha class on Monday but I won’t miss it again next week.

  3. wow, kudos Wendy!!!!

  4. Good luck! It wouldn’t be very helpful for you if it was easy from the beginning… difficult is a good thing! How long is the Body Beast program?

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