The Best Exercises To Burn Fat Rapidly

Exercising can make you look and feel incredible, but which types of exercise are best? If you’re looking to burn fat for your big day or you’re desperate to impress on the beach this summer, this guide will help you to maximise your workouts.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

This type of workout is all the rage and promises to get you in shape in no time at all. Interval training involves alternating intense periods of cardiovascular training with short rest periods. The aim is to get your heart rate up, bring it back down and repeat. Examples of exercises, which may form part of an HIIT session include burpees, split jumps, skaters and sergeant jumps. This kind of training may not be suitable for novices, as it is pretty hardcore. However, once you build up your fitness and your confidence, it’s a great way to banish fat for good and speed up your metabolism. Typically, sessions are short and very intense. At the time, you may wonder what you were thinking signing up for this class. Afterwards, you’ll be ecstatic that you made the effort. With this training technique, you’ll notice improvements almost immediately.



Spinning is one of the most exhausting, yet exhilarating activities out there. Put some tunes on, get your friends involved and prepare to go hard on that bike. Spinning is basically indoor cycling, and you go through intervals of fast-paced pedalling with short rests. The best way to lose weight is to burn more calories that you take in from your diet, and frequent spin classes will ensure you lose fat and tone up in no time. Most large gyms now offer spin classes, and you can find details of timings and venues using an online search engine. If you have gym membership, classes may be included.


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Swimming provides an excellent cardio workout, but it also works all your major muscle groups. Gradually increase the number of lengths you complete and try doing different strokes. Set yourself targets and try and beat your time every week. Many gyms have swimming pools and the entrance fee may be included in your membership. You could also explore other water-based activities, such as aqua-Zumba to vary your workouts.


Sprint training

If you’re a fan of outdoor workouts or you’re exercising on a budget, sprint training is a fantastic option. Head to your local park, get into the garden or use a municipal track and get running. Time yourself doing repeated sprint intervals and try and better your time every day. Always remember to warm up fully before you start running. If you sprint off without preparing your muscles, you’re likely to end up with a pull or tear. After exercising, take time to cool down and let your heart rate fall. Stretch every muscle out and allow your body to rest and recover before your next session.


If you’re looking to shift excess body fat quickly, exercise is the solution. Book those classes, hit the gym or head to your local pool, and you’ll be beach-ready before you know it.



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