Workout of the Day – TRX

I’d been interested in TRX for a while, so when a local gym that offers TRX classes was on Lifebooker, I snapped it up. At 20 classes for $20, I figured it was definitely worth trying.

After the first class…OMG. TRX is a humbling workout. It requires balance, strength, and coordination. I hadn’t been that sore since…ever.

Surprisingly, this gym is not overrun with new members using that fantastic deal. Classes are limited to 5 students, but I’ve had most of the classes alone so I can ask the trainer to work on specific areas. Today, it was my back. I’ve got a goal of doing at least on unassisted pull-up by the end of the year, so we worked on various back exercises, including low-rows.

low rows, taken from the TRX website

I can’t wait for Friday’s class.


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