Keeping Body and Skin Health in Sync When You Exercise

People tend to think that exercise in itself leads to healthier looking skin, but this is not the case. While it will help to give you a healthy glow, it’ll only do so if you’re taking the appropriate steps before, during, and after your workout routine. We soak up a lot of sweat, grime, and bacteria when we work out, and all of these things can make our skin look a little bit worse for wear. Here are a few tips to make you look and feel healthy post-workout.



Ditch the Makeup

There is a time and a place for makeup, and the gym is not one of them. If you’ve got things covering your face, you’re creating a breeding ground for bacteria, and you’ll be trapping plenty of dirt and grime underneath the layers. For makeup free: while you might feel uncomfortable about leaving home sans makeup, no one in the gym will care – and you’ll be able to look all the better when you want to get dressed up.

Use a Towel

We know you probably don’t want to think about it, but there is a lot of bacteria on the gym equipment you’re asking. It’s not dangerous, but it can work its way into your skin and cause issues, especially if you suffer from acne. The best advice is to make sure you’re carrying a gym towel around with you, using it to create a barrier between you and equipment wherever possible. You can use the other side to wipe away the buildup of sweat on your face. If you’d rather keep the towel that’s touching the equipment away from your face, use a headband instead – though make sure you’re washing it after each use.

Water is Your Friend

It’s vitally important that you’re staying hydrated during your workout. If you’re working with intensity, you’ll be losing a lot of moisture through your skin, and having a water bottle if an easy to replenish what you’ve lost through exercise. While any water will do, you’ll be best served by a type that has electrolytes, as these are the most effective at giving your body the hydration that it needs. Aside from making your skin healthier, drinking water will also help you work harder and for longer at the gym!

Washing the Face

The real skin protection happens after you’ve finished at the gym; there’s only so much you can do when you’re there. Wash your face thoroughly to get rid of all surface muck and oils that will have built up during your workout. It’s recommended that you avoid using hot water, as this damages the skin: use warm water for best results, or cool water if you also want to cool down.

Exfoliate and Moisturize

Washing your face will be a start, but exfoliating and moisturizing are two most important factors when it comes to good skin care post workout. Exfoliation will target those cells that water can’t reach, scraping away the dead, lifeless cells in the process. Keep a moisturizer in your kit bag that you can apply after you’ve finished washing and scrubbing the face; things like hyaluronic acid serum products provide all skin types with extra moisture and will help keep your face looking fresher and softer for longer. Exfoliation and moisture are important at all times, but especially so after an intense workout.

Hitting the Steam Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a steam room in your gym, then you’ve perfect excuse to spend a long while in there after you’ve been hitting the treadmill and weights: they’re great for the skin. It’ll open the pores and get rid of the impurities that are clogging up the system, as well as making it feel nice and soft. Aside from the skin benefits, steam rooms are also good because they relax the muscles, which, if you’ve been working out properly, you’ll need!

Outside Exercise

Not all exercise takes place in the gym. If you’re running outside, you might be doing more damage to your skin than you realise if you’re not precautions. Running ten miles in the sunshine, no matter how hot the temperature is, will cause damage if you’re not taking the proper precautions. Make sure you’re wearing an SPF lotion that is water resistant, and don’t forget a sun protecting lip balm, either. And remember: UV rays can make it through even on cloudy days!

With the right skin care approach before, during, and after your workout, you can have that youthful, rejuvenated look every time you finish your workout.


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