Product Review – Lumiere Cashmere Face Base

A few years ago I switched to mineral makeup for two reasons – I needed something that was easy to apply midday after my foundation faded off (I have v-e-r-y oily skin), and most importantly, I could never find anything pale and yellow enough for my skin.

While looking for a new foundation, I recently ordered a few samples of Lumiere’s face base (5 baggie samples for a penny plus shipping)

I was so impressed with the Lumiere fase base formulas samples I ordered – Veena Velvet and Flawless Face, that I ordered them in full size, along with Cashmere, even though I hadn’t tried it.

Lumiere Cosmetics Cashmere Face Base in Light Golden

Ingredients from Lumiere’s website

Cashmere Foundation:
silk powder, serecite (colorless mica), titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, boron nitride, iron oxides

This is quality stuff. I’ve tried LOTS of mineral brands, and I think this by far is my favorite. The Cashmere formula is soft, easy to apply, does not fade or pool, and evens out my flush and hyper-pigmentation without making me look made up. It’s perfect foundation for a natural look when I don’t want to look like I’m wearing foundation. It’s also perfect for when I’m in a rush – I just swipe, swipe swipe the base over my face with a brush and I’m good to go.

Packed on so you can see the smooth texture

I highly recommend that you try Lumiere Cosmetics face base! It’s really easy to find a color match (I use Light Golden ), and the sample baggies last quite a few uses so you can give it a thorough road test.



  1. Have you hear about what is going on with Lumiere Cosmetics? The site has been down for at last a couple of days….not sure what’s going on. Thought you might know something.

    Thank you

    • says:

      It seems like the new site was never completed, and there’s been no activity on their Facebook page or twitter since September or October. I have no idea what’s wrong, it all seems so abandoned.

      • says:

        Oh I see now that you mean that the site is *completely* down. I don’t know what happened to the company but there are some complaints about unfulfilled orders.

  2. is there a company with a similar formula for lumiere cashmere beige 2.2? I just found out that they don’t excist anymore. To bad, i’ve used their products for years and i’m running out of my favourite foundation….

  3. ugh, everyday minerals stopped making o-glo formula that I used for soo many years, I had a good two year supply when they stopped but that running low now – and they discontinued every single colour I loved – ugh — SO I had kumiere on my list of backups to try and now they’re gone ? FML!!! O_O

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