Scrap The Dieting: Nourish Yourself For A Healthy Body And Mind

In a culture led by the emphasis on your physical appearance, it can be difficult to feel confident within yourself. Many feel that by cutting back on food, they’ll achieve their fitness and body goals quickly and effectively. However, your body is a working machine, and it needs plenty of the right kind of fuel to keep it running. If you’re filling up with plenty of delicious and nourishing food; you’ll not only see the benefits to your appearance, but your inner health and wellbeing will improve too.

Feeling great on the inside accompanied by a positive mindset, will lead to further improvements to your lifestyle. It can be a challenge to switch up your meals, to begin with; however, the effort is worth it, and you’ll appreciate the positive changes you experience as a result. Therefore, it might be time to take a look at your grocery list, start filling it with tasty and wholesome food and begin your journey to body confidence and health. The following are some tips and ideas for those who want to give their diet a boost or need a nudge in the right direction.


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Your Skin, Hair, And Nails

You’re never going to achieve glowing skin, shiny hair, and strong nails by cutting out major food groups and not eating enough. Sometimes, diets can cause your skin to look sallow and flat, your hair can become lackluster and brittle, and your nails will lose strength and can become discolored. Therefore, it’s vital from a beauty side of things, to fill up on rich and nourishing meals and snacks that will keep you the picture of good health. Protein is crucial when it comes to he regeneration of your cells; making it an important part of any balanced diet. Oily fish is a great option as it contains plenty of omega 3 which makes up part of your hair shaft; so add some griddled salmon to your dish for strong, flowing hair. The fatty acids in oily fish will also contribute to the maintenance of the skin on your scalp, so you’ll avoid dandruff and any itchy patches that can result from dryness.

Next time you’re craving something fruity; grab some pineapple to give your skin a boost. Pineapple will help to synthesize your natural collagen, which will keep it full and youthful for longer. The tropical fruit also contains plenty of vitamin C which will ensure your skin stays hydrated and soft. Check out some recipes where you can incorporate pineapple here: and gain some inspiration. If you’re feeling fancy; oysters are the perfect way to add a little zinc into your diet. Zinc will help the growth of skin cells, and you only need to eat half a dozen oysters to get over 500% of your daily requirement; making the pay off pretty decent.


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Your Mind, Sleep Quality, And Wellbeing

Foods high in refined sugar and empty calories might taste great, to begin with, but they’ll do your body no good; especially when you crash an hour or so later and are craving your next fix. You don’t have to cut out your favorite treats completely; however, you need to be mindful of how much you’re consuming and where it could be hiding in your daily diet.

Your mind health is a vital part of how you feel as a whole; if you’re worried how your diet might be affecting any of your mental health issues, or a specifically diagnosed condition, it might be worth checking out specialized diet plans aimed at helping certain conditions. Medication can play a role in how your body metabolizes food, so look into the nutrition in the bipolar diet or foods that help to fight depression and the like. As your body’s fuel; food will have a major role in how you cope with treatment, medication, and any resulting issues, so doing a little research could pay off in the long run.

You might be struggling with sleep, which can lead to dry skin, dark circles, and body fatigue. Therefore it’s worth making sure that your diet isn’t affecting your sleeping patterns. Try to cut out caffeine and refined sugars after a certain point in the day; early afternoon is a great time to stop visiting Starbucks. Prevent dehydration, headaches, and nausea, with herbal teas; chamomile will have calming and soothing effects which can contribute to a peaceful night’s sleep. Remove the temptation to snack late at night by taking the candy out of your bedside table; you’ll be surprised at what a difference it will make to your ability to drift off. If you wake up without feeling lethargic; you’ll be motivated to reach your fitness goals and won’t be stuck in a vicious circle of no sleep, caffeine, and craving sugar. Don’t let a restricted and bad diet affect how you feel; do your research and discover a whole world of foods that will ensure you’re living a happy and healthy lifestyle instead.


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