Are These Surprising Factors The Reason Why You’re Still Failing At Fitness?

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“Getting fit” is a pretty broad term and could include losing weight, adding muscle, or improving sporting achievement. Whatever your vision of fitness might look like, though, achieving success is hard work. Not least when you’re unsure about where things are going wrong.

Many people believe getting fit is simply about choosing the right workouts for your goals and then putting in the effort inside the gym. While this is a solid foundation, there are so many more factors to consider. Here are five that you must not ignore.


In truth, it should come as no surprise to learn that healthy eating is essential for keeping your body in great condition. However, many enthusiasts follow positive daily habits then ignore the most important factor. Frankly, overlooking the importance of pre-workout and post-workout nutrition can spell fitness disaster. Your body needs to be fuelled with the right stuff before exercise and requires aids during recovery too. Perhaps most importantly, you must stay suitably hydrated at all times.


The old phrase says “no pain, no gain”, and your workouts should push your body to the limit for maximum results. Nevertheless, you must not confuse this with an excuse to dismiss injuries. Left untreated, they’ll bring immense discomfort and continued problems. Hip flexor exercises can help reduce pains in knees, backs, and hips to make working out for more comfortable. You’ll be able to work harder for longer, which can only improve your chances of success. Conversely, letting the problems escalate to the point where you need to take an extended break will stop all progress.




You can force yourself to visit the gym. Sadly, though, you cannot force yourself to work to your optimum level. A lack of genuine motivation can be the biggest stumbling blocks for anyone looking to get fit. Keeping your mind on the right track will go a long way to putting your body on the right pathway too. That incentive can come from image related issues, a desire to be a better person, or a need to improve physical performance. Either way, not having the eye of the tiger will restrict your results.


Everyone needs a job, and this is not a suggestion to quit your career. However, sitting at a desk all day can promote a number of bad habits. These include eating junk, slouching at the computer, and taking cigarette breaks. Make a conscious effort to overcome those problems, and you’ll be amazed at how it impacts your fitness. After all, the body doesn’t shut off, and your commitment to getting fit shouldn’t either.


Fitness cannot be a short-term goal. It has to be a sustainable lifestyle choice, which is why enjoyment is key. This can be achieved by teaming up with a friend, joining a sports league, or trying new and exciting activities. In any situation, maintaining a sense of fun transforms a chore into a hobby. Once you’ve achieved this goal, your hopes of continued progress will soar. Even if you gain perfection, you’ll be smiling throughout the transformation. Isn’t that the most important thing of all?


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