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I’m linking up with Ashley from Sweaty Girl in a Fur-Covered World for This Week in Workouts.

This Week In Workouts, Body Beast for Women

This was my second week of Body Beast. Now that I know what to expect in the DVDs, the workouts were a little easier. Maybe easier isn’t the right word, but I didn’t sit on the weight bench with my mouth agape thinking OMGWTFBBQ. This week I felt like I could get the workouts done.

Sean Lowe the Bachelor, Sagi Kalev, Body Beast, Body Beast for Women

Monday – Body Beast Build:Legs and Blogilates Intense Abs.
Tuesday – Body Beast Build:Back & Biceps, and Blogilates Muffin Top Meltdown.
Wednesday – Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum (I previously reviewed it here) and a 3-mile run instead of Body Beast Cardio.
Thursday – Body Beast Build:Shoulders and Insanity Pure Cardio (I previously reviewed it here).
Friday – This was a Body Beast rest day, so I put in a 4-mile run.
Saturday – Body Beast Build:Chest and Tris. I’d planned to run a bit, to do another Blogilates abs workout…but I was out of gas.
Sunday – Body Beast Build:Legs and Blogilates Intense Abs. Then I walked on the treadmill at a leisurely pace for two episodes of EastEnders.

It wasn’t quite as much exercise as I wanted for the week. I would have liked to run more and get in a few more abs workouts, but I think I underestimated how much Body Beast would tire me out. This workout is not a joke. The short runs that I am doing are going to have to suffice for my half marathon training for now.

Did you work out this week?

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  1. Wow, such motivation and dedication…keep it up!!

  2. Awesome work outs! I need to get back into the Blogilates videos!

  3. That body beast sounds like a beast! Great work this week! Thanks for linking up!

  4. wow i’m so impressed! this week was so crazy busy for me so hoping to get in more workouts this week!
    — jackie – jade and oak

  5. Ashley from Sweaty Girl in a Fur-Covered World says:

    Never heard of those DVDs but it sounds intense!

  6. OH I wanted to try the Brazillian Butt series hah! Great job working out! Thank you for linking up!

  7. I haven’t worked out since Wednesday because I have the flu and it does not seem to want to go away. I’m going to give things a go this afternoon though. I can’t take it anymore.

    I’ve never heard of body Beast before. Sounds like you’re getting a good workout!

  8. I did a little walking/hiking and some tough yoga this weekend! Needed it! I just have to be active or else I get depressed! So impressed by your Body Beast!!!

    • says:

      I love hiking! But I haven’t been not once this year because it’s been too hot, honestly :/ Great job on getting out there.

  9. I’m not familiar with the Body Beast workout, but wow! I’m impressed! Last week I only got to work out once since I got sick with the flu, but tomorrow I’m getting back to business and hope to work out at least four times this week!

  10. i luuurve body beast. but when ever i pop in the DVD, i laugh because of the “yeah bro! get it, bro! whatever it takes, bro!” hahahah

    • says:

      I always laugh when Sagi turns the guy’s hat around so we can see that it says “Beast” across the front. I think that’s in the back video? They’re doing Airplane Cobra.

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